What Big Teeth: a free RPG about minimum wage werewolves

An RPG about marginalised people dressed up like a horror game.

What Big Teeth: a free RPG about minimum wage werewolves
Vent your anti-capitalist rage on the monsters of the night
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Werewolves are driven to hunt by their curse. Most succumb to temptation and become murderous beasts. But the curse doesn't care what you hunt and so you chose to hunt the other monsters. Shame you're still stuck working your day job.

You spend your days at the bottom of the social ladder: stressed, underpaid and secretly investigating evidence of supernatural monsters. But at night you're the most dangerous things in town. Hunt those monsters down, chase them into the nightmare and tear them apart.

Three different werewolves, one hulking and bipedal, one with arms coming out of its mouth and one with an eye surrounded by a swirling mass.
You get to decide what "werewolf" means.

Once upon a time, people used to be afraid of the dark, and the creatures in it. And there's something called the nightmare that misses those days. So it curses people to spread the old fears. Your curse doesn't turn you into a biological wolf, it turns you into the fear of wolves and you get to decide what that means. Lithe or burly, bipedal or feral, abstract or horribly specific.

The minimalist system gives your day and night forms totally different stats. By day you're rolling to endure your troubles, but everything changes at night when you're hunting your prey. And stress suffered by day increases your violent potential at night.

What Big Teeth is an RPG about marginalised people that dresses like a horror game, but make no mistake: this is a power fantasy about how evil exists and you can punch it in the throat.

Two images, one of a rat-monster menacing three people, the other of three wolf heads menacing a pathetic rat creature.
Downtrodden by day, predators by night.