Who’s Taking Watch: New D&D Show Concludes Epic Wheel of Time Adventure

A new actual play group explores the world beyond the words of their favourite works of fiction.

Who’s Taking Watch: New D&D Show Concludes Epic Wheel of Time Adventure
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Do you mourn more for the final pages of a book than any tragedy within? Do you find yourself wishing for just one more foray into the worlds that you’ve fallen in love with? Fear not, adventurer - we have the show for you! Who’s Taking Watch is a new Dungeons & Dragons actual play show whose cast take turns diving into different works of fiction to adventure in the world beyond the plot.

The show's first arc, The Dragon's Might, takes place in the vast world of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time, set just before the events of the first book of the series. Picture this: a motley crew of travelers, each with their own secret prerogatives, are thrust together amid a harsh winter for some high fantasy hijinks. The fate of a nation hangs in the balance, and opposing forces threaten our party from all sides. We’re talking Trollocs and Fades, Aes Sedai and Whitecloaks - all the factions and forces you know, with enough intrigue to make even the most seasoned adventurers quiver in their plate armor.

Teaser trailer for The Dragon's Might

And here’s the best part – it’s all improvised! No scripts, no plans (okay, maybe a LITTLE bit of planning from our DM) – just a bunch of die-hard fans channeling their inner Mat Cauthon and letting the dice fall where they may. Will they forge alliances or spark wars? Will they uncover ancient prophecies, or just trip over their own tongues? This is a rollicking saga of dice, destiny, and downright epic storytelling, not your uncle’s basement dwelling D&D party from the 80’s. I mean, sure, maybe we also recorded these sessions in a family member’s basement, but it’s different, trust me! 

Who’s Taking Watch: The Dragon’s Might airs Tuesday nights at 7pm EST, with the season finale of the first arc set to take place at the start of July 2024. But fear not! Episodes will always be available to watch on our YouTube channel @WhosTakingWatch or listen to in audio-only format on your preferred podcasting platform. And if you’re on the hunt for more adventures afterwards, you’re in luck! A second season in a different, yet likely still familiar world is on its way later in 2024.

So, gather round the tavern hearth, fellow travellers, and join us on this wild ride through the realms of imagination. Who’s Taking Watch isn’t just a D&D group; it’s improvised fan-fiction at its finest.