Get Lost in the Margins: Marginal Worlds brings Medieval Legends to Life

Wield the weapons of history with the Marginal Worlds Magic Item Deck: a system-agnostic magic item deck by award-winning designers & medievalists.

Get Lost in the Margins:  Marginal Worlds brings Medieval Legends to Life
This is a community submitted press release.

What will you find in the margins? The Marginal Worlds: Magic Item Deck brings history to your table with 50 system-agnostic magic items pulled directly from medieval manuscripts – translated and drawn by hand in true illuminated style. 

The Kickstarter, which launched on June 1 and runs through June 30, is a love-letter to ancient manuscripts and the hidden magic found in medieval stories – with the pedigree to match: its creators have advanced degrees in medieval studies, have won Peabody & GDC awards, and been nominated for both a Nebula and BAFTA for their work on previous medieval games.

The deck and its accompanying Game Master's Guide are on Kickstarter from June 1-30.
This is a community submitted press release.

Each of the 50 cards in the deck depicts a unique magic item from a medieval manuscript, featuring an excerpt of the manuscript describing the item in its original story. Every item is true to its medieval origins: the designs and features of the cards are pulled straight from the source texts, including many double-edged conditions for players to grapple with. The cards are designed to be played with little prep; quick-play icons on each card indicate important features such as cursed nature, sentience, or high-level play, making it easy for a GM to distribute cards at-a-glance. 

The Game Master’s guide is reminiscent of a medieval travel journal –  there’s plenty of marginalia. The guide provides lore, rules, and gameplay tables for each item that the corresponding card does not, allowing for GMs to optionally reveal historical lore as these items are used in play. The GM Guide also includes three optional play appendices based on medieval legends, and a full glossary and summary of sources for those interested in diving into the source texts. 

The deck and its accompanying Game Master’s Guide are system neutral, allowing players and GMs of any TTRPG system to use these items in their game in an instant. Item descriptions are consistent and adaptable, with clear language. The team has gone above and beyond by including a full D&D 5th Edition appendix with ready-made stat-blocks.

Creators Mac Boyle & Zoe Franznick are dedicated to making medieval stories accessible through their podcast, the Maniculum, where they translate and adapt medieval tales into TTRPG adventures for their listeners. Marginal Worlds is their first foray into bringing their work to print. The two creators do the heavy lifting— translating, playtesting, and providing context— so that players can delve into these legends without the barriers of inaccessible language or academic paywalls. 

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