Women in Gaming Month - Event by Hoard of Tales

A month of TTRPG content dedicated to women & femme exclusive casts at Hoard of Tales. Sponsored by Free League Publishing.

Women in Gaming Month - Event by Hoard of Tales
This is a community submitted press release.

Hoard of Tales’ annual Women in Gaming Month event is returning in March with a month of TTRPG content, including 11 one shots, a three-part limited campaign, interviews, and panels to showcase women and femme talents, with a focus on those from marginalised communities and based outside the United States.

This year the event coincides with Women’s History Month and will kick off on March 8th, International Women’s Day with a special stream featuring organisers Aida and Darcy discussing the importance of the event, the process of putting it together, and previews of everything to come. 

Featured games include Free League Publishing’s Vaesen, Apocalypse Keys, Bubblegumshoe, Cassi Mothwin’s Clean Spirit, Grant Howitt’s Extreme Pride and Prejudice, Here, There, Be Monsters, The Fall of Home and more. Additionally, our EU Happy Hour series (featuring casts exclusively based in the UK and Europe) will have an all women and femme cast playing a Candela Obscura three-part game.

We’re hosting an interview with Virginia Garcia McShannock (formerly from Modiphius) to discuss her experience as a professional in TTRPG design, development and publishing. Also, during the month will be a panel discussing genre and tropes in TTRPGs, a panel with talent such as Shamini Bundell (RPGeeks, 3 Black Halflings, Oxventure) and Taylor Ann Navarro (Big Bad Con POC Scholar, Tales of Sina Una, Encounters in the Radiant Citadel).

Schedule overview for Women in Gaming event

This year’s event is sponsored by Free League Publishing. We are thankful that Free League is supporting all the women and femme participants, and as a company based in Europe, is encouraging the local TTRPG community. 

Who We Are

Hoard of Tales is here to raise the profile of the UK/EU TTRPG scene. Our mission is to uplift, empower, and platform the most diverse talent this side of the pond, and prove that our stories deserve to be heard on the world stage. Our community represents all intersections of diversity - queer, transgender, POC/BAME, immigrants, neurodivergent, chronically ill, and disabled hobbyists come together to tell stories that matter, stories that reflect their lived experiences. 

Organisers work on a volunteer basis for the love of the hobby and a passion for bringing together wonderful people to play wonderful games.


Our first Women in Gaming event took place in 2020 as a single D&D one shot with an all women and femme table in German. Since then, we’ve expanded to international casts, panels and interviews and a variety of systems, ranging from big publishers to small indie games. 

Support Women in Gaming by watching our event this month (March 8 - 29) and cheering on all the participants on our Twitch at Hoard of Tales.