Become a ghost hunter delving into eerie manors in Wraithound

Touched by the supernatural, you face horrors and solve mysteries. Can you cleanse these haunted places of their spectral taint?

Become a ghost hunter delving into eerie manors in Wraithound
The game features amazing art by Kim Holm
This is a community submitted press release.

You are a supernatural ghost hunter tasked with confronting horrors that haunt the living. You are a Wraithound.

Created by award-winning designer Cezar Capacle, Wraithound is a tabletop RPG for one to three players (no GM needed) that puts you in the role of a person marked by the arcane and recruited by an ancient order to hunt the specters that pierce the veil of our reality and haunt mansions, castles and other desolate estates.

The Crowdfundr campaign kicks off today, on May 7th, and runs for a month, and it will deliver a fully realized game, including a dedicated VTT platform for seamless online play.

Mockup of book cover and of a spread of the book
The book combines a sleek, organized layout with evocative illustrations

Wraithound is zero-prep and rules-light—simply grab a pair of dice and a deck of cards, and you’re ready to face the haunts. You create a character with five dice rolls, and set up your play space with a 3x3 card grid. And with a robust collection of random tables for generating locations, rooms, threats, and ghostly encounters, you can rest assured that no two adventures are alike.

You'll step into these eerie settings and investigate the underlying causes of the supernatural occurrences that plague these locales. With the help of a peculiar "prophecy/riddle" oracle, you come up with your conjectures about the causes behind these phenomena, as you overcome horrors and threats, until you face the major entity responsible for the haunting.

A picture of cards and dice on a table, and a screenshot of a virtual tabletop
Play with cards and dice, or online with a dedicated VTT

The campaign provides two levels of support so that you can opt to get the PDF and the print-on-demand at-cost coupon, or grab the tier that also includes access to the dedicated virtual tabletop with a tool to automate oracle rolls.

Mockup of two different spreads of the book, showing instructions and tables
The game offers a clear structure and an ample set of tables to aid your gameplay

Don't miss out on becoming a Wraithound! The game is already mostly done, there are no stretch goals, and you will get the final version regardless of it reaching its funding goal, ensuring a straightforward campaign with minimal risk. Join us before the shadows fade!