Your Ticket to the City Spectacular - Afterschool Wonderland Takes Actual Play to Mysterious New Frontiers.

Get your ticket ready - this kid-friendly podcast and companion zine will take you to the show of a lifetime!

Your Ticket to the City Spectacular - Afterschool Wonderland Takes Actual Play to Mysterious New Frontiers.
Afterschool Wonderland logo in pink, white and violet against a pattern of violet stars.
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Welcome to the City Spectacular. I am Silhouade, Keeper of the House of Mirrors - and Minister of Tourism.

A family-friendly Actual Play set in Animon Story, Afterschool Wonderland's Kickstarter campaign includes a companion zine so you can take your own game to the podcast's mysterious and exciting setting.

Inspired by Digimon (Particularly the 90s classic Digimon Adventure), Afterschool Wonderland hopes to capture a wide-eyed delight and sense of genuine free-spirited fun that only Saturday morning cartoons can provide. A trio of students at an east-coast boarding school find an unlikely escape from the hurricane bashing itself against their dorm - tickets to the City Spectacular, a circus world full of mysterious creatures called Animon.

Three children. The first is a young girl with wide glasses and a spacey expression and short, dark hair. The second is the tallest, with a puffy jacket, curly brown hair, and dark skin and eyes. The last is the shortest, with pale skin, freckles, and a vaguely punk aesthetic.
(Left to Right: Misha Thuy, played by Jordan Cuddlefish, Alexis Okafor-Bell, played by MIke Pardue, and Syd Carson, played by Gnome.) Concept art by Nick Acheff.

There, they meet what the Minister of Tourism calls their "Reflections", bizarre little creatures that seem to already know and care for them. They meet Fraydi, a timid little black cat who wants to be Syd's friend, Lady Lumi, a polite and charming jellyfish eager to help Misha with anything, and Fleezard, a proud...well, he calls himself a dragon and he needs Alexis to know that.

A bipedal black cat hiding behind a shield with a lion's face on it. It's got wide yellow-green eyes and a red scarf around its neck
Concept art for Fraydi, voiced by Mike Pardue. Concept art by Nick Acheff.

The first trailer, featuring Stovepip

The pilot episode made its debut at the Rainbow Roll Network Pilot Showcase in April, and is already live on the Cosmos Cameo Spotify feed if you want to listen before deciding if you want more. Produced by Cat McDonald and Kathleen Childs of Cosmos Cameo Studios, and starring Jordan Cuddlefish, Mike Pardue, and Gnome, this show has got awards, stars, passion, and talent behind it!

Not only is Afterschool Wonderland contributing to the under-stocked genre of kid-friendly Actual Play, but it's also doing an exciting new Kickstarter bonus: a companion zine, released under the Animon Story Creators' League License. With the zine, Welcome to the City Spectacular, backers will be able to use the podcast's setting and characters at their own tables!

A blue and violet jellyfish with thick tentacles and wide glowing yellow eyes.
Concept art for Lady Lumi, voiced by Gnome. Concept art by Nick Acheff.

Other Kickstarter rewards include the right to name important NPCs, getting credit at the end of an episode as that episode's sponsor, sticker sheets, and even a custom Animon of your own devising making an appearance in the podcast and the zine!

If you want to take a trip to the mirror and see the sights of the City Spectacular, don't miss out! Check out the Kickstarter campaign, which is running until May 15th!