3 Days Repeating Over and Over on Kickstarter

Wronglings spawn across the realm and ancient elemental kingdoms are pushed into chaos as time itself is ripped asunder over and over again.

3 Days Repeating Over and Over on Kickstarter
Credit: Chrono Slip; Art by Indi Martin
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A thousand times the world has been destroyed and born anew—and you've just realized it's happening. Most everyone you meet has no idea they are caught in this temporal anomaly but it can't last forever, and it falls upon you to right the realm before the Cataclysm consumes it once and for all!

What is Chrono Slip?

Chrono Slip is a campaign setting for Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition and D&D 5E that is heavily-inspired by time travel classics from Chrono Trigger and Zelda to Bill & Ted's Excellent AdventureBack to the Future, and more.

Every 72 hours the world resets itself, a host of previously unseen monsters appear to ravage the countryside, and runed folk who've realized their plight either try to cast the realm into destruction, enjoy themselves as much as they can, crack under the pressures of the endless cycle, or struggle to set things right.

You must master the repeating realm's innovations, gather items of power from ancient kingdoms fraught with intrigue, and defeat the Cataclysm that felled the heroes before you!

Key Details

  • Compatible with Level Up: A5E and D&D 5E
  • Drop-in design to work with existing campaign settings
  • 64 new NPCs and monsters
  • Temporal archetype for every class plus dozens of chronomancy spells, magic items, and feats
  • Includes an introductory adventure to get campaigns started
  • Rapid fulfillment in PDF ($20), as a softcover print ($40 plus shipping), or hardcover book ($50 plus shipping)
  • Made as an example for the upcoming Publish Your Campaign Setting course (available through Storytelling Collective's RPG Writer Workshop)
  • 20 monster bestiary add-on Stretch Goal
  • Free 57 page primer PDF (https://www.tinyurl.com/chrono-slip-primer)

About Storytelling Collective
Storytelling Collective is an online learning program for independent creative storytellers. Through its RPG Writer Workshop, more than 14,000 aspiring ttRPG creators have forged careers in the industry. This project is by one of its instructors (Mike Myler) who has published and developed a half dozen other campaign settings through 13 Kickstarter-funded projects.

Chrono Slip launched on Kickstarter last week, funded after 2 hours, and finishes its funding period on Thursday March 14th.