5 GMs Enter Cyberpunk RED and All They Got was Some Blood Money

5 GMs in a Trenchcoat Season 2 is full of weird little guys, doctors, and cowboys (oh my!)

5 GMs Enter Cyberpunk RED and All They Got was Some Blood Money
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What happens when a power-hungry dominatrix, a depressed doctor, a charming cowboy and a weird little guy walk into a bar? Well, you have to listen to 5 GMs in a Trenchcoat Season 2: Blood Money to find out. 

5 GMs in a Trenchcoat is back and this time they’re playing Cyberpunk RED. Jesse Espinoza takes his turn in the GM seat as he weaves a tale of four desperate individuals looking to make a few eddies. Along the way, they start uncovering the corruption of power and manipulation of science, with a few car chases and futuristic shenanigans sprinkled in. Will the group band together to take down what terrorizes Night City? Or will ulterior motives seep through the cracks?

GM Jesse takes the reigns from Tanner Sherlock, who GMed Season 1: Fragments of the Rebellion. Using the Fate Core system, Season 1 was where dragons flew with swashbuckling adventurers on their backs as whispers of rebellion carried through the wind. 

Season 2: Blood Money kicks off April 1, anywhere you get your podcasts. Check out the trailer below!


Animatic by nikkehy and music by Happy Hour

Who We Are

5 GMs in a Trenchcoat is a TTRPG actual-play podcast where 5 friends take turns weaving stories through the tabletop game of their choice each season. The almost all BIPOC cast includes Adam Gonzales, Jesse Espinoza, Kim Tsuyuki, Tanlynn Morgan and Tanner Sherlock. We strive to highlight systems that aren’t just D&D 5e. So far we’ve played Fate Core, Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game and Escape from Dino Island