8 trans games by trans artists in this trans rights charity bundle

Rue Dickey’s third annual Tabletop for Trans Rights Bundle is raising money for the Appalachian LGBTQ+ community

8 trans games by trans artists in this trans rights charity bundle
Credit: Lin Codega

For the third year in a row, tabletop multi-hyphenate Rue Dickey launched their Tabletop for Trans Rights Bundle. Previous iterations of the bundle have benefited trans-focused organizations in Florida and Texas, each initiative raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. This year, Dickey’s raising funds in support of Project Rainbow, a non-profit dedicated to serving unsheltered queer people in West Virginia and the larger Appalachia region.

The organization’s most recent initiative, The Rainbow House, is a Project Rainbow-operated shelter which provides housing for a vulnerable population while connecting them with other organizations in the housing, health, and mental health care system. While itch.io has had a number of problems with their co-op bundles recently, charity fundraising is one method among many needed to tackle the many overwhelming humanitarian crises across the globe. 

I’ve searched through the hundreds of games in this bundle and found eight games by trans designers that I feel accurately capture various elements of my trans experience.