Explore solo (or not) with A Deck of Dungeons & Treasures

A growing zine collection for on-the-fly dungeon exploration. Aimed primarily for solo role-playing but also useful for Game Masters—whether for game preparation or if they don’t want to prepare anything at all.

Explore solo (or not) with A Deck of Dungeons & Treasures
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Dungeon delving can be cumbersome if you're playing solo or without preparation. But now, you're a step away from fast, simple, and surprising adventures inside dangerous sites. Join the already successful campaign, shuffle the deck, and enter into the unknown.

Focused primarily on Mausritter and solo role-playing, A Deck of Dungeons & Treasures is a small digital print-at-home zine that will let players play tiny-themed adventures in dangerous places with no preparation. That’s why it’s also useful for players without a GM, for GMs who like randomness on their tables–or don't have time to prepare–, and for GMs who like procedural methods for session prepping.


The basic procedure is fast and straightforward.

Fully customizable

The do-it-yourself philosophy is at the core of this project. Aside from the 12-page zine with the rules and the basic setting, you have a companion blank zine for you to fill and create your settings–Your Own  Deck of Dungeons & Treasures. And thanks to the unlocked stretch goals, backers will have access to a PDF form version as well as templates for LibreOffice and Scribus.

The supplement works out of the box with Mausritter (and some hacks like Lilliputian or Frog Errant) but it can be easily adjusted for any OSR/NSR game. Especially with tiny-themed ones like the upcoming Beetle Knight.

Close up of a blank page. The "Puzzles" table shows greyed-out annotations like "Treasure and creature".
The blank zine comes with greyed-out suggestions

A lot of adventures

As an additional reward, backers can get two more settings, The Wizard Tower and The Garbage Maze. Not only that, generous backers can gift everyone an additional setting based on their idea if they get a special reward–called Your Very Own Dungeon. So far we’ve unlocked 6 more adventure settings! We're halfway through the campaign and we can expect even more adventure settings.

Going rogue-lite

The stretch goals already unlocked a whole new zine: Rogue Maus, a ruleset for rogue-lite playing. Procedural dungeon delving naturally leads to this play style that will become a separate product that the backers can get with the basic reward only during the campaign.


A Deck of Dungeons & Treasures is written in both English and Spanish and will have an accessible version for visually impaired people.


The zines are digital but ready to print at home.

Don't miss the opportunity to get this growing collection of zines and give your table a hint of mystery and unpredictability.