Albyon Absey's Geographical Almanac

A free A-Z of strange & fantastical locations for your fantasy TTRPG

Albyon Absey's Geographical Almanac
Albyon Absey's Geographical Almanac - beware the sack of haunted false teeth 'pon yonder barn roof.
This is a community submitted press release.

Preparing for table-top gaming sessions can be a lot of work for the GM, as we constantly seek out new ideas and inspiration to add to the wonderful chaos that our Players create.

There are many tools and resources out there to aid with game-prep, from battle maps and thematic music, to fully written modules and adventures.

Albyon Absey's Geographical Almanac offers something unique : a free, ever-expanding A-Z of strange & fantastical locations, each crammed with lore, NPCs, adventure hooks, aberrant folklore, trinket and treasure roll-tables, and much, much more!

Players traversing a forest? Introduce them to Nesteropetes; a sentient flying log piloted by talking squirrels! Need an interesting take on a trading-post? Drop the wandering, one-eyed Titan of Jaittura in their path, the giant-dragonfly of Odonata, or even the iceberg-encrusted octopus of Caevieyeriva! In need of new wardrobe for your Adventurers? Visit the arcane atelier of Fouillard & Gabbardine's, whose gilded mirror exacts a terrible price for its wondrous services! Or drag your Heroes through the muck and mire of Rusthollow; an ancient-future battlefield littered with unusual arcana-tech, deadly artefacts, and unholy scavengers.

Albyon Absey's Geographical Almanac is currently several locations into its second volume, and now with over 30 wondrous whereabouts to discover & explore there is a veritable trove all ready for you to drag & drop into your fantasy tabletop games.

Oh, and did we mention that it is completely free to access and use?

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