Alchemy RPG announces Free VTT Day, one day full of premium TTRPG content FREE to the masses

Today, join Alchemy RPG for our first ever: FREE VTT DAY. Pick up new adventures, rulesets, visual assets, music, adventures, and more official content from your favorite TTRPG publishers for FREE–and keep them forever.

Alchemy RPG announces Free VTT Day, one day full of premium TTRPG content FREE to the masses

Cinematic Virtual Tabletop (VTT) Alchemy RPG is collaborating with publishers around the gaming industry to promote Free VTT Day, a one-day promotion democratizing premium tabletop gaming content worldwide. Collaborating with gaming industry giants such as Loot Tavern, Infinite Black, Kobold Press, Free League, Modiphius, CZEPEKU, and more, Alchemy hopes to spread new worlds, encourage new stories, and make tabletop gaming more accessible through this first-time push of content that has never been as available or affordable as before—only on Monday, June 24th, 2024.

Alchemy’s first promotion of this kind seeks to provide thousands of individuals with content they can use to branch out into games they may not have thought of trying before. In this golden age of TTRPGs, there are infinite worlds to explore, stories to be told, and memories to be made – and Free VTT Day seeks to get tables together to tell those new stories, wherever they may be.

For one day only, over 20 Alchemy modules, normally priced between $5 and $35 each, will be free to everyone on the Alchemy marketplace. This exclusive content includes:

  • Full core rulebooks.
  • Alchemy Enhanced titles.
  • Adventures for popular games.
  • Supplements introducing new rules and mechanics.
  • Digital assets such as visual backgrounds, motion overlays, musical scores, and ambiance.

How to Redeem:

  1. Create a free account at
  2. Navigate to the Alchemy Marketplace.
  3. Select each title you wish to redeem.
  4. Follow the redemption process to add the content to your account – forever.

Free VTT Day is designed to provide thousands of individuals with content that encourages them to explore new games and genres. This day invites gamemasters and players worldwide to come together and embark on new journeys, tell new stories, and walk new paths all across the multiverse.