Antre Monde Editions to Launch Backerkit Campaign for Award-Winning French RPG, Knight!

Join Arthur’s Knights in a Last Stand to Save Humanity from the Overwhelming Darkness of Anathema.

Antre Monde Editions to Launch Backerkit Campaign for Award-Winning French RPG, Knight!
This is a community submitted press release.

Antré Monde Editions, publisher of the award-winning Knight RPG will launch their Backerkit campaign to bring the game to global audiences in Q1 2024!

Launching on Backerkit as Knight: An Avalon RPG, Knight has been available in France since 2015 where it has won the prestigious Grog d’Or 2022 award and the Prix Rôliste 2022 award. This campaign will bring it to international audiences for the first time, as well as offering a new, upgraded French version sporting incredible new art and other cosmetic upgrades for die-hard fans of Antre Monde’s work in France.

The game sees players take on the role of Knights, skilled combatants equipped with super hi-tech meta-armours and humanity’s last hope to fight back hoards of monsters that spawn from a darkness that threatens to engulf the world. These meta-armours come with various abilities that super-charge normal human feats and can even defy the laws of physics depending on the class of armour players choose during character creation.

Knight uses a unique combo system to determine outcomes of actions: the GM chooses one of fifteen characteristics that all player characters have and combine this stat with a characterisic chosen by the player. The GM sets action difficulty and determines success - even numbers on the roll are a success, so any dice can be used when playing Knight. Knight will launch on Backerkit in Q1 2024 and offers a Backerkit exclusive Knight military badge to those that follow the campaign before launch.

You can learn more about the game on the Antre Monde Editions website and follow the game on it’s Backerkit page here.