Arcane Quill Publishing's New 5E Adventure Bundle!

In need of new material for your campaign? Need a one-shot for a convention? Arcane Quill Publishing has you covered with this bundle of three self-contained adventures for 5th edition at 20% off each!

Arcane Quill Publishing's New 5E Adventure Bundle!
Adventure Awaits!
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Arcane Quill Publishing: Add some magic to your table!

We've all been there: you have a session coming up, people have made time in their lives to get together for some game time...but you've not had time to prepare anything! (Apologies for the cold wave of dread which surely followed that short horror story).

Fear not! Arcane Quill Publishing is here to help with a bundle of short adventures for your convenience, each one entirely playable in a single session (playtest confirmed). Each of these stand-alone adventures is entirely self-contained, allowing your group to experience the thrill of a completed quest in just one evening of gaming.

In the mood for high-seas adventure? Ancient Cargo has you covered! This module sees the Player Characters journeying to Port Wadegrave to investigate rumours of an aquatic monster plaguing the coast, but once they set sail things quickly spiral out of control!

A ship on stormy seas comes across a floating castle in a bank of grey clouds. "Ancient Cargo" is written across the cover of the module.
A sea-faring mystery for 5th edition D&D!

Perhaps a traditional dungeon crawl is more your speed? In that case Tomb of Xa'arek might be to your taste! In this claustrophobic, creepy-crawly module the Player Characters delve into the tomb of a powerful sorcerer, seeking a cure for the plague ravaging their lands!

An undead figure in red robes holds their hand over a crystal ball held up by a golden dragon ornament. Tomb of Xa'arek is the title of the adventure.
Can the heroes find salvation in the Tomb of Xa'arek?

Last, though certainly not least, there is infernal intrigue aplenty inside Lost In Malice, an investigative module in which the Player Characters must race against the clock to undo a withering curse afflicting a local noble! Can they find the perpetrator and reverse the malady before its too late?

A blue book cover bears the title: Lost in Malice in red lettering. The central image depicts a pair of demonic eyes within a flaming brazier of skulls.
What's really going on? Can the heroes find out?

Whilst all of these modules are available individually, you can save 20% on each by purchasing the bundle! Add some magic to your table with Arcane Quill Publishing, and keep an eye out for more modules (for more systems!) coming soon!