ARMTGE, the fantasy cyberpunk RPG

A tabletop role playing game set in a dark dystopian future, where consumerism is devouring everything, technology is everywhere, but life is miserable.

ARMTGE, the fantasy cyberpunk RPG
This is a community submitted press release.

The future isn't as bright as you wished. Corporations own everything, your life, and your body. People come into the world to buy, consume, and throw away. There is no more good and evil, but only people that do anything to survive.

ARMTGE is a standalone ttrpg system born to be compatible with both 5e and onednd. It focuses on the noir, introspective, and human themes that are at the core of the cyberpunk genre, rather than flashing neon lights and heroic cyborgs.

A half-elf with cyber implants enjoys the company of a synthetic cat
Cats are illegal, hence Cettina is only a living synthetic replica, AKA replicant

Fantasy Cyberpunk

In the future, technology replaces everything. What was called magic is explained by science, and those arcane practices are long forgotten. Most of the fantastical creatures that people dream of went extinct, and only few ill critters survive dwelling in the sewers of metropolis.

This is your magical world and the protagonists are still humans, elves, orcs, and all the common fantasy races.

ARMTGE also introduces many new mechanics, such as hacking, weapon attachments, and body mods, in addition to the new classes, origins, and character backgrounds. Each new mechanic is designed to be simple to understand, but also with enough depth to entertain any kind of player, from the casual, to the hardcore min-maxer.

The hacker class will completely change your approach to encounters, and is deeply inspired by how real life hacking works

The kickstarter campaign will bring the core rulebook of ARMTGE to life, and will have both physical and digital rewards.
Furthermore, the stretch goals can unlock an additional adventure manual, the ARMTGE encyclopedia (creatures, NPCs, drones, relicants and AIs. A book for stat block lovers, with detailed backgrounds and descriptions), and the ARMTGE mainframe (the game master's guide).