Vampyric punx run amuck in BLOOD BORG TTRPG.

On Kickstarter now: Blood Borg, a tabletop roleplaying game for 2-6 players combining insatiable blood lust and unlucky gutter punks with the doom-metal darkness and mechanics of MÖRK BORG.

Vampyric punx run amuck in BLOOD BORG TTRPG.
Blood Borg by Adam Vass with art by Mitchell Van Dyke
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I am awake. I am hungry as fuck. Won’t you feed me?

Blood Borg is a stand-alone tabletop roleplaying game for 2-6 players combining the death-metal darkness and mechanics of MÖRK BORG with an unending afterlife, insatiable blood lust, and unlucky gutter punks. In it, your undead wastoids live in a city of squalor thousands of years after an unnoticed apocalypse, evading capture by those who wish to end your existence and feeding on the hot gushing blood of any obscuring your path.

The project is on Kickstarter from April 9-30 raising funds for a hardcover book print run, including a campaign-exclusive screen printed variant cover with unique blood splatter embellishments. Additional goals are set for new adventures, merch, and more to expand the blood-soaked city of SCAB at your table.

Blood Borg features quick and familiar d20 rules based on Mork Borg to get you right into the blood sucking action, but features new and fun subsystems like

  • xeroxing your own spell zines
  • scanning the radio for warnings of gang activity
  • navigating road rage in city streets
  • dumpster diving for rare weapons and treasures
  • crawling through sewers in search of subterranean ruins
  • and so much more

This is a complete standalone game, meaning you don't need Mork Borg to play, but it is cross-compatible with the hundreds of Borg-inspired adventures and options already out there. This hardcover tome has everything you need to scrounge together your vampyric gang in the shitty city of Scab and make the most of your fleeting afterlife.


  • 8 new character classes, including Masochists, Thralls, Leeches, and more
  • Dozens of enemies and monsters, like the mundane Beat Cop, demonic Succubi, arcane Street Witch, and many more urban fantasy-inspired foes
  • Over 20 magic spells and curses for you to photocopy into zines and cast using blood magic
  • All the weapons, trinkets, and treats you can sink your teeth into
  • The city of Scab, a sprawling city of shadows and hate built atop the ruins of a past apocalypse. Live in the gutters and fight to survive in a world that hates you almost as much as you hate it. 
  • Solo rules for the loser vamps left to struggle without a gang to call theirs

Blood Borg is designed and written by award-losing rpg legend Adam Vass of World Champ Game Co. (Necronautilus, Cybermetal 2012, This Discord Has Ghosts In It, so many more) and illustrated by multidisciplinary artist Mitchell Van Dyke in Grand Rapids, Michigan.