ChangedStars has Released!

ChangedStars is a hard Scifi TTRPG inspired by Feminist literature with Queer themes.

ChangedStars has Released!
“Only from the darkness may we see the stars.”
This is a community submitted press release.

ChangedStars is a sci-fi roleplaying game set in a bright-yet-perilous future. Inspired by utopian feminist science fiction and contemporary gritty speculative futures, ChangedStars presents a modern take on a post-patriarchal society for players to navigate. A diverse array of Frames provides opportunities for many sorts of play—ranging from taking on separatists, cut throat criminals, lethal machines, and otherworldly predators to forwarding scientific advancements across space to working a day in the life of your character as unexpected calamity thrusts them into a thriller. 

large space station and many ships on a grid flying towards it over a planet, starfield behind

ChangedStars is wholly illustrated by the setting’s creator, Patrice Long, and all lore written in close collaboration between her and Leland Andercheck, the systems writer.  We present a unified vision of what the universe of ChangedStars represents visually and textually through our cohesive artistic vision.  The entire 304 page book is illustrated by Pat and loving detail has been dripped into every aspect of the species’ biology and cultures’ archi-technological development.  Every spaceship immediately screams its origins, every portrait of an alien cut from the same cloth, every rising beacon of hope and toppled monument to fascism speaking to the same universal conflict.

The game is brimming with options for player choice:

+35 fully stat'd Spaceships with 16 down-to-the-1m-square floorplans
+7 playable Species with a strong basis in Pat's biology background (she can explain why Rast and Thren blood is blue!)
+12 Archetypes to use as-is or customize to suit your character
+17 Talent Trees and a catch-all Adventure Tree—
++which includes 119 Talents total for extreme build freedom

star map of 10 space regions and several notes systems
Star map of Orion's Arm; every location dot has either a half-page-plus entry (open circle) or short few lines of fast-facts (closed circle) to offer a variety of locations for play.

The game offers a balance of speed and depth to keep progression and character mechanics interesting in long-term play or over the course of many one-shots.

From the introduction's starting line, "The indomitable Human Empire vaulted itself majestically dick-first into space," to the compacted history of how that Empire fell and the Trinity arose to bring about a more peaceful future, the game tells the story of Orion's Arm in a different kind of conflict: one to win the peace. Rather than dystopic government and endless war we settle on long simmering and deeply personal conflicts that can flare up into flashpoints where the players may be positioned at the fulcrum of history to make all the difference... or they may just be another person going about their day, another piece on the board at the periphery. We believe there is meaning in the full spectrum of these stories and have written every system in ChangedStars with accommodating this full breadth in mind.

half page image and some text about Free Merchants; 4 characters standing facing 1 in wheel chair gesturing a box, 1 bodyguard next to them hand on gun in holster
Part of the Free Merchant frame discussing parties and missions in the Frame.

After 3 long years, the DieselShot team (streaming and dev streaming the game on Twitch the whole while) is finally ready to present ChangedStars in full to the public! After Kickstarting years ago, all 304 pages (littered with hundreds of pieces of art) are available on itch and DriveThruRPG!

As per their recommendations the DTRPG page is distributed via a affiliate link here; this increases the % of each sale given to DieselShot, but in no way affects the amount you pay.