Chappell Roan’s unofficial TTRPG Play List

Games for the gays, the girls, and the gay girls who can’t stop singing H-O-T T-O G-O! during character creation and end up wondering why their tiefling bard is such a hot mess all the time.

Chappell Roan’s unofficial TTRPG Play List
Screenshot from NPR/YouTube

Chappell Roan has been singlehandedly leading the charge for hot sapphic summer, a Joan of Arc of lesbian relations, a member of the lavender mafia steadfast in her appreciation of girls, girl legs, girl lips, and girl dinners. You know the kind I’m talking about. 

But that got me thinking, as a fellow girl-lover and a new-made Chappell Roan enjoyer… what would be on Roan’s play list? Not like, her get up and kick ass every morning drag beats, but what games go best with her songs? Presenting Rascal’s newest format, the Play List. Chappell Roan kicks us off with a series of games dedicated to being hot, kissing girls, and screaming at the DJ to turn the music up, please god, this is the only thing I have right now.

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