Chuck Tingle, the World’s Greatest DM, trots to 2e and has never regretted it

For some buckaroos, TTRPGs peaked at AD&D and that’s a unique, wonderful way I had to know more about.

Chuck Tingle, the World’s Greatest DM, trots to 2e and has never regretted it

There’s no telling where one might have first heard about Chuck Tingle. Maybe you slipped into something more comfortable, like the Tingleverse; Chuck’s ongoing series of playful erotic novels and novellas which he has been self-publishing for a decade. Perhaps you were introduced to his work through his traditionally published novel? Camp Damascus came out last year to vast critical acclaim (including some from yours truly) and his next novel, Bury Your Gays, looks set to do the same.

Or, perhaps, you heard of him because he’s the world’s greatest dungeon master. 

At least, according to Chuck Tingle, who, frankly speaking, I’m inclined to believe. It’s all a matter of perspective, right? The best DM is just the DM at the table who helps make the game fun, exciting, and creative. Regardless, I saw this tweet and knew I had to interview him. I mean, he's the world's greatest D&D DM. Need, not want.

Rascal sat down with Tingle over email to ask about what kind of games he plays, what he thinks is great about games, and whether or not we can expect another expansion of the Tingleverse RPG. Rascal has elected to preserve Tingle’s formatting and word choice exactly, although we’ve rearranged some questions for flow. It’s his gaming trot, we’re just happy to be at the table.

Codega: What games do you play?

Chuck Tingle: as far as tabletop trots i only play DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS SECOND EDITION. chucks group tried playing fifth edition for about a year and it was not for us so we trotted swiftly back to second edition where we could roll our THAC0 in buckaroo peace

Codega: How long have you been gaming? 

Tingle: been playing way of dungeons and dragons for a little over thirty years as dungeon master. never really player i enjoy creating the worlds and impressing buds with just how detailed and fun everything can get. probably why i enjoy writing as well