Confluence: The Living Archive: A World Where the Past, Present, and Future Collide

Explore Ajurea during our Open Beta Playtest with a diegetic setting book filled with notes and scraps of memorabilia.

Confluence: The Living Archive: A World Where the Past, Present, and Future Collide
A brand new TTRPG from the makers of the Alleyman Tarot.
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Electricity courses through you and the air hums with static. As you try to focus, a world of living color blurs into view. You have arrived in Ajurea: the world is yours to explore.

Confluence is a genre-blending TTRPG of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror, built to tell character and place-driven stories. In the rich setting of Ajurea, strange phenomena called Confluxes bring together people of many worlds from across time and space. From the kaleidoscopic coast, to the underwater labyrinths, to the floating forest-cities, everything here is constantly changing. Prepare to change with it.

Confluence uses an original d6 dice pool engine, representing the tensions in high-stakes situations. Players can work together to give themselves the upper hand and build relationships with the people and places they meet. Along the way, characters will encounter dangerous anomalies, supernatural threats, and a cast of colorful NPCs.

The Confluence Team is running an Open Beta Playtest starting Friday, May 3 and running through Sunday, July 14. Registration is now open and our playtest Discord server is open to facilitate finding a group. Playtesters that complete all requirements will receive a digital copy of the final Confluence RPG after the crowdfunding campaign and will be credited as a playtester.

A slice of life of a day in Ajurea. Motley Coast residents shopping, tending to children, and chasing thieves in the town square.
Original and familiar lineages of Ajurea.

An original setting calls for original lineages and maybe some familiar ones. The color munching Hahen and the body modding Ell’el mix with fungus-covered Goblins and diverse Mortals to bring life to the world of Ajurea. Play any number of anthropomorphic Earth animals as a Bande Dhaben or an amphibious Salian to explore underwater settlements with ease.

Your skills are not tied to a class in Confluence. You choose a Calling and Facets from our Catalog based on your character's history and interests. The skills you learn can work together, but they don’t have to, which gives you the freedom to be who you want to be. Travel throughout Ajurea to learn new skills that are only available to learn in certain places, like traveling to the Gravity Isles to learn the Gravity Anomalous Ability. 

Example of page layout with a pencil drawing of an NPC, notes, news articles, and mechanics excerpts.
Example of Atlas page layout with ephemera and mechanics excerpts.

Story Leaders, do you need to prep quickly? Confluence features a focus card database, known as the Living Archive where you will be able to share places, people, things, and more between playgroups around the world. Even players can grab focuses from the archive to help fill in the world on the go.

Get immersed into the world when flipping through our in world setting book. Each region has hundreds of notes, memorabilia, and commentary from the inhabitants of Ajurea. Story Leaders and players can use the ephemera as plot hooks to build your adventure quickly and easily. Find the best places to party or get whiffs of a rebellion brewing.   

Coming to Backerkit October 15, 2024. Join the mailing list to be notified when we go live.

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