The quickstart for Cryptid Creeks is here!

The quickstart for Cryptid Creeks is available for download today.

The quickstart for Cryptid Creeks is here!
The river scouts gather around the campfire
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Board your boat, gather some clues and break ancient curses to save your home.

Cryptid Creeks is a tabletop roleplaying game that combines the mystery, horror and coming-of-age genres to emulate popular shows such as Gravity Falls and Stranger Things.

Playbook options

In this RPG, you play a crew of River Scouts setting out to save Clawfoot—the place you call home. Guided by a benevolent cryptid, you will travel the waterways, track down clues to dangerous curses and break them before it’s too late! All the while, an eldritch figure known as the Peddler schemes from the shadows, willing you to fail and for Clawfoot to fall.

The Eeries

This Carved from Brindlewood game is low-prep, highly accessible and suitable for teens and adults alike.

Download the quickstart today through or DriveThruRPG. If you enjoy the game, please consider visiting our Backerkit page to pre-order the full version as a digital PDF or beautiful A5 hardcover due for publication in mid-June.

"A new tabletop RPG takes inspiration from the likes of Gravity Falls, Night in the Woods and The Goonies."
- Dicebreaker

Cryptid Creeks Launch video