DEPLOYMENT: The gut-wrenching WWII TTRPG

Will you survive the War?

DEPLOYMENT: The gut-wrenching WWII TTRPG
Art by @DubiousArtiste, design by Luna Norwood
This is a community submitted press release.

DEPLOYMENT is an authentic World War 2 experience that takes you from the beaches of Normandy, through the snowy forests of the Ardennes, and to the final occupation of Austria. It is an extremely lethal game that utilizes a 3d6 and d20 hybrid to perfect the bloody warfare that you will find yourself within.

The game prides itself in not only its historical accuracy but the creative control given to players. No Battle Group will play any one encounter the same, as each combat allows the characters the freedom to choose how they will fight. Where one group may decide to stage an amphibious landing to take both ends of a bridge, another party may choose to construct their own bridges, bomb the enemy positions, or avoid combat entirely and opt to stealth around the enemies. The options are endless yet they will all have a common goal: take Berlin. End the dictatorship.

Physical copies and content

With not only 150 pages of rules, vehicles, and items, the PDF and physical copies will contain the "Hickory Campaign". The story follows the 30th unit through their violent marches toward the heart of the Third Reich. You will be side-by-side NPC's of real soldiers, and ones inspired by reality, telling the true war story from their eyes.

The game has 150+ modules to customize your vehicles, whether it be strapping bombs to a jeep or super-powering a Sherman's engine. There are dozens of weapons to choose from, hundreds of items, 5 core Jobs with splitting advancement trees, and an uncountable amount of skills to make sure every character is unique.

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