Descend into PSYCHODUNGEON, on Kickstarter May 21st

PSYCHODUNGEON is a fantasy workplace action drama, played with no dice and no masters, from the creator of Terminal and Transgender Deathmatch Legend.

Descend into PSYCHODUNGEON, on Kickstarter May 21st
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PSYCHODUNGEON, a fantasy workplace action drama, played with no dice and no masters, from the creator of Terminal and Transgender Deathmatch Legend launches on Kickstarter May 21st.

Glyndain is a city in a world of mobile phones and magic spells, mass transit and malevolent demons, the supernatural intermingled with the everyday. It's a strange world but one all too familiar. In Glyndain when peoples trauma hits a breaking point their troubles manifest physically as a psychodungeon full of monstrous nightmares. Plumbers are called in to clean out the dungeons and close them off. It’s difficult work. Dangerous. The kind that follows you home. Part adventurer, part handyman, part therapist. Still, it’s a living. You’ve got bills to pay and rent to make. It’s time to go down, down into the PSYCHODUNGEON.

PSYCHODUNGEON, the next release from Rat Wave Game House/Kayla Dice, is a post-dungeon fantasy concerning a group of poor cityfolk acting as psychoplumbers. Within an individual delving job there are three asymmetric roles in the game; the Dungeon itself, the Client it's manifested from, and any number of Psychoplumbers who will delve down. The game uses a token-based system built on the Belonging outside Belonging framework, and suits 3-7 players. Players work together to shape the world, set the mood and tone, create trouble and look for solutions.

In PSYCHODUNGEON players delve into nightmarish psychostructures, battle monsters, navigate a hostile domain, and help the mind the dungeon sprung from gain closure. They do this for a meagre paycheck. On the surface they try to get by living their lives in a busy city that would never miss you if you fell off the face of the planet.


  • Seven exciting, narrative-focused playbooks (Wizard, Witch, Werewolf, Cyborg, Shapeshifter, Swordfighter, and Rockstar)
  • Unique interlinked roles for the Client and the Dungeon; the Client’s growing understanding of their issues is responsible for the pace of a session while the Dungeon’s mix of aggressive and manipulative moves slot in elegantly with the flow of tokens in play
  • Straightforward-to-grasp procedures for building an individual psychodungeon as a table and structuring the descent for a delving job
  • Nine exciting Dungeon Textures (setting elements reflecting individual stressors, coming with aesthetics and their own unique monsters)
  • Room for character advancement which isn’t always positive, take on too much and the psychoplumber will end up with their own dungeon
  • Useful and well thought out advice on structuring surface life scenes, facilitating the game, and general principles for play
  • A gorgeous wraparound cover by Jess Kuczynski depicting three psychoplumbers (a wizard, a cyborg and a werewolf) grappling with dungeon monsters
  • Lots of interior art of wacky digital collage by Kayla Dice

The campaign for PSYCHODUNGEON will raise a full print run of PSYCHODUNGEON, as a full-colour 100+ page A5 book, with Alyssa Ridley from Biscuit Fund Games on board as the editor. The initial goal is set at £2225 with stretch goals adding an extended example of play, additional playbooks and dungeon textures and a more scaffolded pre-written scenario. Various tiers include digital copies of the game, physical copies, as well as signed physical copies, opportunities to help grow the community copy pool, and limited edition chances for backers to get their name in the book or receive a special one-of-a-kind annotated copy.

PSYCHODUNGEON launches on Kickstarter on May 21st! You can follow the pre-launch page now at