Did you know a Taurus likes to stay home and play games?

Tell me if you’ve heard this horoscope joke before. 

Did you know a Taurus likes to stay home and play games?

Most of what I know about Tauruses I learned from my brother, who is, I think, the ultimate Taurus. He’s a big old math nerd, mostly stays at home, plays D&D, and goes on frequent walks with his dog. When he does go on trips he goes on trips to places like Morocco, Alaska, Italy. That bastard. I knew I should have majored in engineering, maybe then I’d be able to go to Europe. 

Regardless, I think I know all that I need to in order to make some sweeping generalizations about an entire group of people, and to correctly assume their game tastes. The basics are there, right? Tauruses are sometimes hard-headed assholes, but they’re also reliable and loyal. They’re the people who have their feet firmly on the ground and who enjoy doing things at home. Baking especially. 

So for the homebodies, tavern regulars, and knuckleheads out there, here’s a list of games you can play from the comfort of your pajamas.

The first of… more than a few card-based games, I’m going to give a shout out to The Land Whispers by Jessica Osboune. I know that every Taurus yearns to retreat into the woods, like a hermit, to establish a commune/homestead, and this game lets you do just that. Not content to just allow you a cozy little game, Osboune asks you to discover the stewards of the land who used to live there before you, creating a game that connects players to place using Spindlewheel-y cards and The Quiet Year style prompts.