Dinosaur Erotica: The Role-Playing Game, on Kickstarter

A game of absurd romance for two players (or more, if that's what you're into). Final week on Kickstarter

Dinosaur Erotica: The Role-Playing Game, on Kickstarter

Have you ever wanted to roleplay in the wacky world of absurdist erotica? Of course you have, that’s why you clicked on this!

Dinosaur Erotica: The Role-Playing Game is just such a game, one that takes two players (or more, if that’s what you’re into) through an intimate romantic adventure in an absurd world inspired by the tingly works of the world’s greatest author!

The kind of world where it’s perfectly normal for the billionaire astronaut who just hired you as his secretary to also be a dinosaur, your childhood friend who’s now the local bartender in your old hometown to be the ghost of a pirate squid, or to learn after several years that your reliable old TV has been harboring secret romantic feeling for you. That’s right friends, Dinosaur Erotica covers so much more than just dinosaurs!

More than just dinosaurs

Dinosaur Erotica provides players with a set of simple mechanics and story framework to set players up for their own erotic adventure—as well as plenty of guidance for having a safe, comfortable, and sex-positive experience. Plus a selection of random story seeds and options for unconventional love interests to help you create an unusual, yet familiar, experience that just might knock you far enough out of your expectations that you can open up to exploring new possibilities about sex and romance—and how we discuss those things—or just have some silly and/or spicy fun.

Dinosaur Erotica: The Role-Playing Game is funding on Kickstarter until March 15