Divination RPG Over 70% Funded at Kickstarter Halfway Point

The tarot-driven roleplaying game by first-time developers Matthew Muñiz and Nyx Tesseract uses tarot to power its mechanics, its playable characters, and its entire magical universe.

Divination RPG Over 70% Funded at Kickstarter Halfway Point
This is a community submitted press release.

Divination RPG, an innovative tarot-driven tabletop roleplaying game created by Chicago theatremakers Matthew Muñiz and Nyx Tesseract, has surpassed 70% of its $40,000 fundraising goal at the two-week mark of its four-week campaign.

This significant achievement is further highlighted by the campaign's earlier recognition with Kickstarter’s prestigious “Project We Love” badge, underscoring the project's creativity, integrity, and passion.

The success of Divination RPG at this halfway point—achieving over 70% of a notably ambitious goal for a debut tabletop roleplaying game—reflects the strong community support and interest in the unique gaming experience it promises. The ambitious funding goal is reflective of the pair’s commitment to producing a wide range of physical products including a premium hardcover book, a custom tarot deck, game mats, and various gaming accessories, aiming to provide an immersive and comprehensive gaming experience.

Designed by Chicago-based duo Matthew Muñiz and Nyx Tesseract, Divination is a rich roleplaying experience where tarot's essence fuses with genuine RPG mechanics, making each card flip as satisfying as the roll of a d20. Set in a modern-day world, the game invites players to delve into a narrative that uncovers the truth beneath reality, discovering the reality-bending power known as the Art.

At the core of Divination is its shared Hero mechanic, where four players share control of a single Hero, each player embodying one of eight inner Aspects defined by archetypes from the tarot.

The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Hermit, The Hanged One.
The eight playable Aspects of Divination RPG. Artwork by Joana Fraga.

The Kickstarter campaign seeks to bring this groundbreaking game to the wider gaming community. It features rewards including the Divination RPG Guidebook, a custom tarot deck with mesmerizing artwork by Joana Fraga, and much more. With stretch goals promising to enrich the game with additional content and upgrades, backers have the opportunity to be part of something truly magical.

Divination RPG has already garnered attention and praise, having been played by more than 250 people over the course of four Gen Cons and one Origins Game Fair, in addition to dozens of one-shot and campaign playtests in an active Discord community. The game’s preview materials have been downloaded by players in all 50 states and 35 countries.

Divination RPG, written by Matthew Muñiz and Nyx Tesseract, is published by Night Goddess Games. The Kickstarter campaign continues until noon CST on March 5, 2024.