Helluva Town: A city exploding with opportunities

Helluva Town is a neighborhood inhabited only by cartoons. An oasis of gummy, full-color 4K anarchy where you can be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do. Are you ready to be reborn as a Toon?

Helluva Town: A city exploding with opportunities
This is a community submitted press release.

Helluva Town is an outrageous tabletop role-playing game in which you play as a 1930s-style cartoon to live wacky adventures, using giant super-pimped out weapons made by SCAM Ink, while you escape from the gangsters of the Ducko Family, dream (or fear) the return of the legendary Jimmy Rat, and above all MAKE EVERYTHING EXPLODE.

The game system is rules-light and narrative-driven, and is designed to be learned in FIVE MINUTES. Helluva Town is suitable for both hardcore players looking for a light and fun game, as well as for novices or even people without any previous gaming experience. 

Think of an RPG that mixes Cuphead, the Looney Tunes, and Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network productions with Goodfellas-style gangster movies and smart Who Framed Roger Rabbit-style comedies, and you've only got ten percent of the madness of Helluva Town.

Each page is fully illustrated by Shawn Dickinson, with a clear layout by Acheron Games

HELLUVA TOWN is a rulebook around 80-pages long, insanely illustrated and enriched with customized layouts by Shawn Dickinson, and has everything you need to get lost in this neighborhood that never stops exploding:

  • A quick-to-learn rules-light system based on poker cards (Helluva System) which can be learned in less than five minutes and which encourages lysergic madness
  • Pregenerated iconic characters as well as the ability to create new uncontrollable Toons in just a few minutes
  • A customized deck of poker cards
  • A map and an extensive description of the entire neighborhood with its lush avenues and its treacherous streets
  • An incredibly lush artbook by Shawn Dickinson featuring game art, exclusive additional art, and enriched with adventure ideas and prompts; you cannot go without it!
  • Stickers and pins
  • A screen to hide your dirty dealings
  • An incredibly cool T-shirt
  • More madness

And if you think something is missing, why not add to the neighborhood yourself?

Become an RPG author, read the complete rules and create an adventure prompt for Helluva Town by July 16th (your story will be evaluated within 48 hours and, if selected, included in the Artbook); a Prompt consists of a text of up to 550 characters, which describes a situation, an event, an apparition, an unexpected event or any element that can move the narrative and can contain questions that players will have to answer. These are, ultimately, plot elements suggested by the Animator from which the group can draw inspiration to develop an adventure. We suggest you take a look at the free Quickstart to get a hold of the setting!

Three of the selected authors will then be chosen to actually develop their prompt into full-blown adventures!

The Kickstarter campaign opened on July 1st, and runs through July 16th. Come Explode the City!