Don’t hold your breath for Iron Kingdoms’ new paranormal tabletop RPG

Steamforged Games’ involvement in Strangelight Workshop comes with several big asterisks.

Don’t hold your breath for Iron Kingdoms’ new paranormal tabletop RPG
Credits: Steamforged Games/Privateer Press

Manchester-based tabletop publisher Steamforged Games announced today that it plans to revitalize the Iron Kingdoms RPG under a different name and slightly narrower focus. Called Strangelight Workshop, the “Hellboy-meets-Ghostbusters” game will crowdfund its new 5E-compatible books on Kickstarter later this month as part of Steamforged’s recent acquisition of Privateer Press’ miniature wargame franchise, Warmachine.

For fans of Warmachine and arcanepunk worlds where a group of investigators with experimental tech and magical abilities solve paranormal mysteries, this should be great news. Those familiar with Steamforged know better. The UK tabletop company rose to initial acclaim in 2014 off the back of the formerly-canceled-now-revived Guild Ball, before spending the next decade constructing a reputation for adapting popular video game franchises into board games of, well… let’s say varying quality. People love the Dark Souls Board Game, and I’ll personally attest to the quality and verisimilitude in Steamforged’s Resident Evil board games. But every thumbs-up endorsement in their catalog accompanies another game branded as a hard pass. 

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