Dropout announces Fantasy High miniature auction for Gaza

Capitalism is the bad guy, but the folks at Dimension 20 can still do some good

Dropout announces Fantasy High miniature auction for Gaza
Credit: Dropout

In a moment when corporations can’t stop making everything terrible, it’s nice to witness the people in charge of a company do something positive with the buying power of their audience. 

Credit: Dimension 20 Youtube

Dropout announced their fourth round of miniature auctions beginning March 4th. 

Over the course of three weeks, the independent streaming service will auction off 85 set pieces from their debut season of Dimension 20: Fantasy High. In previous auctions, the focus has been entirely on miniatures of various characters and a few maxi figurines. This time, the Dropout team has expanded their offerings to include pieces of the iconic Aguefort Adventuring Academy DM screen and dioramas including segments of the battle map and miniatures in action, reflecting moments from the original series. 

According to Dropout’s announcement, 100% of the profits will go towards the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund. The organization provides medical aid to the children of Gaza under Israeli occupation, and has been doing life-saving work since 1991.

The media company has built its following on being a progressive, ethical, and anti-fascist brand. True to the community-driven ethos they present as a corporation, the team at Dropout utilized every aspect of their platform to optimize the funds they could raise. To be clear, no corporations can be good. They exist solely to optimize profit. That is their nature.