Enter A World of Vice in No-Tell Motel, Crowdfunding Now

Solve a murder and risk it all in this solo murder-mystery RPG.

Enter A World of Vice in No-Tell Motel, Crowdfunding Now
Cover art and logo by Shawn McGuan
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Night after night, you spy on a neon-lit world teeming with life and dripping with sin.

Last night was different. One of your motel guests killed another, and no one cares who did it but you.

Watch their movements. Build your case. Sift through gossip, innuendo and hearsay to get at the truth. When you've got enough evidence, point the finger and make your case.

Just pray you get it right, because if you don't, there'll be hell to pay.

The Vibes Trailer for No-Tell Motel

In No-Tell Motel, crowdfunding now on Crowdfundr, you'll use playing cards, a six-sided die and your motel ledger to track the movements of a wide cast of colorful characters as they fight, love and betray each other, all under your invisible but watchful gaze.

Surprising connections will be made. Secrets will be revealed. And through it all you may get one step closer to understanding a little more about yourself, your world, and how you relate to the people in it.

Character art and card design by Shawn McGuan

No-Tell Motel is a new solo murder-mystery RPG from Ken Lowery of Bannerless Games, creator of the ENNIE Award-winning VOID 1680 AM and Lighthouse at the End of the World. Lowery is working with longtime collaborator and friend, comic artist Shawn McGuan.

No-Tell Motel is saturated in much of what we love about the crime genre, and it’s possible to enjoy it simply on that level,” said Lowery. “But there is more at work here. Prompt-based solo games rely on projection; we also use projection a thousand times a day in real life, too. It’s necessary, and usually benign… but not always.

“We are all working with incomplete information. I wanted to make a game that dug into the lurid pleasures and deadly pitfalls of gossip and assumptions. And I wanted to make it a damn good time.”

No-Tell Motel is crowdfunding February 23 - March 15. In addition to print and PDF editions of No-Tell Motel, backers can also pick up artifacts of the "real" Stellar Motel - namely, an ashtray swiped from the common area and a keychain for Room 7, site of the murder.

Sorry, it's a "dice tray."

If the campaign hits its stretch goal, Dark Lofi beats producer Dated of Ill-Advised Records will create a No-Tell Motel Original Soundtrack, which will be made freely available on major streaming services. Ill-Advised Records will also host a YouTube video of the OST, featuring an animation of the cover art.