Break Free from the Stereotypes: Epigoni Essential Wants you to Fight for the Right to Own Your Truth

Will you surrender and become a written Story or fight against Fate to determine your future? Epigoni Essential is a free MythPop RPG that blends blazing-fast action with a journey of self-discovery and liberation.

Break Free from the Stereotypes: Epigoni Essential Wants you to Fight for the Right to Own Your Truth
Challenge Fate to discover who you really are.
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What if the things we believe in gain power, and the stories we tell about them give them shape? This is where the real challenge lies: the force of storytelling that shapes our world, the enigmatic entity known as Fate, is a relentless, unfeeling machine determined to dictate the destiny of all who inhabit the World of Myth. This includes the Epigoni— individuals like you.

Epigoni: Essential is an urban fantasy game in which players take on the roles of unworthy descendants of Deities, Legends, and Incarnations of Ideas. They are ordinary people trying to balance their daily lives with a new dimension filled with dark plots and feuding Myth Entities. These Epigoni are anomalies in the World of Myth, free from pre-written plots, drawing the watchful eye of Fate, which wants to push them into becoming the Stereotypes it has chosen for them.

Epigoni: Essential is the condensed and free version of the award-nominated MythPop RPG published by Nessundove. It has everything you need to play, from a deceptively simple character creation system to dozens of ready-to-go adventures and plot hooks.

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Epigoni uses the CopperHead System, a game engine designed for fast, narrative-driven experiences inspired by successful modern frameworks such as Forged in the Dark and Powered By The Apocalypse. Players can build a character by choosing words for concepts and objects that are significant to them. These words are “tags” the player can use, when relevant, to overcome challenges. Like other fiction-driven games, Epigoni uses consequences from failures and partial successes to push the story forward. Outside of some specific skills of NPCs, players are always the ones who choose the consequences.

Two pages from the Epigoni: Essential Books. They're about the Rules of the Game.
Epigoni: Essential uses 8-sided Die for all the challenges.

Epigoni: Essential is a 190-page digital-only book that includes the general setting, all rules for players and GMs, the Gods of London setting, and the Mythical Nights setting.

Two pages from the “Gods of London” setting showing an Adventure Hook named “In the Name of The Father.”

Epigoni: Essential is available for free on and DriveThruRPG.