EUphoria - A new community uplifting diverse voices in Europe and outside the U.S.

Extending a global stage for diverse TTRPG creatives in Europe

EUphoria - A new community uplifting diverse voices in Europe and outside the U.S.
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This is a community submitted press release.

EUphoria (can be alternatively pronounced as "EU", referring to the European Union or Europe* as a whole, and "phoria"), has announced its inauguration on 26 June as,

"A place dedicated to the best and brightest TTRPG talent on this side of the pond. The EU/UK is chock full of unparalleled writers, GMs, designers, performers, editors, musicians and creatives and we want to give them the global platform they deserve."

Twitter thread introducing EUphoria APs, starting with a subtitled video by co-founder Aida (she/her)

*When referring to "Europe", we mean the greater geographic Europe that includes the United Kingdom.

Founded by Aida (she/her, based in the Netherlands) and JC Darcy (they/she, based in the UK), EUphoria was created to be a community to unapologetically showcase and celebrate the TTRPG community in Europe and outside the U.S. Many TTRPG fans who are not in the U.S. have similar experiences of feeling excluded from content that primarily engages audiences at time zones inaccessible to them or with cultural references that they find unfamiliar. EUphoria therefore vows to bring a plethora of TTRPG content that centers its local community.

Additionally, EUphoria is committed to diversity and inclusivity, saying in a video that they're prioritising "Women, femmes, queer, neurodivergent, people of colour, immigrant and disabled folx" within their projects. Co-founder Aida identifies as a Latine woman of colour, an immigrant and as queer. Co-founder JC Darcy identifies as a white femme, being neurodivergent and as queer.

With the extensive leadership experience that both co-founders bring from formerly having organised events and productions at other TTRPG communities and platforms, such as with Girls Run These Worlds, Hoard of Tales, Roll For Good, EUphoria is pledging the following:

  • High incorporation of safety tools for all shows, such as mandatory, third-party facilitated Session Zeroes, standardising anonymous collection of Lines & Veils, and clearly communicated expectations for both cast and crew.
  • Lowering the barrier of entry for GMs, especially those new to streaming, by promising the guided support of a team with a combined 7 years of Actual Play Production experience.
  • "NO ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ ALL WHITE ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ ALL DUDE ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ TABLES!" This also means that when it comes to casting, hiring or consideration for leadership & management roles, folx from marginalised backgrounds (particularly prioritising POC/BAME and those outside the U.S.) will always be given first consideration.

EUphoria's goal is to raise the profile of European TTRPG creators on a global stage. This includes local publishers of all sizes who want more eyes on their games, performers who want to hone their craft at like-minded tables, GMs with diverse stories to tell and audiences who adore content that wears its heart on its sleeve.

The first major event will be EUphoria's Summer of Sci-Fi, featuring full EU-based GMs, players, players, producers to celebrate futuristic and intergalactic stories. More details to be released!

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