Explore seven new worlds in Spectres of Brocken's Full Spectrum supplement

In Spectres of Brocken, you play as trainee mech pilots getting to know each other in an academy before getting thrown into a war, fighting each other in giant mechs.

Explore seven new worlds in Spectres of Brocken's Full Spectrum supplement
This is a community submitted press release.

Full Spectrum is the first supplement for emotional mecha storytelling game Spectres of Brocken, featuring seven new World Tendencies - playsets that imagine new worlds and possibilities for the game.

In Spectres of Brocken, you play as trainee mech pilots getting to know each other in an academy before getting thrown into a war, fighting each other in giant mechs.

In Full Spectrum, you might find yourself instead on a training pilgrimage between different island monasteries as you learn to control amalgam creatures forged from the fossils of great beasts and bolstered with alchemical metals; or honing your cooking skills atop giant mechanical Stations to appease ravenous dragon lords; or summoning the spirits of your hometown to protect its denizens from harm.

Full Spectrum, a supplement featuring seven new worlds for Spectres of Brocken.

Seven new worlds by seven great writers, expanding the palette of play for an emotionally wrenching game of growing up, growing apart, and cladding yourself in layers of armour to survive each other.

Full Spectrum is available now on itch.io as a full-colour PDF, and is 15% off for the first week of release (2 - 9 April 2024).

The sale also includes a bundle deal with the base game of Spectres of Brocken, available together for $25.

About Full Spectrum:

Full Spectrum features seven new World Tendencies by seven writers, bringing a diverse array of talent and perspectives to the worlds of Spectres of Brocken. The writers involved in the project are:

  • Arisia Santiago (they/she) is an editor and writer from the Philippines. They have written tabletop RPG adventures, including In Calamity’s Wake for Best Left Buried, and “The Mountain’s Shroud” for Unbreakable: Revolution, as well as games like Corps à Corps: An RPG of Fencers in Training. Find them at arisia.carrd.co.
  • Austin Taylor (he/they/she) is an award winning game narrative writer, designer, performer, and friend! When not doing any of that, she is one half of your new favorite nerd history podcast Secret Histories of Nerd Mysteries, and when not doing that you probably think he is sleeping, but you would be wrong because there's always another episode of Sailor Moon to rewatch. You can find Austin’s work on https://www.austintaylor.games/ 
  • Ethan Yen (he/him) is a tabletop game designer and environmental engineer. When not piloting emotionally-charged mechs, Ethan resides in the cyber-realm at ethanyen.com
  • Fin Coe (he/him) is a Chicago-based theatre artist, game designer, and hockey player. Previous game writing contributions include The Company: Conflict Resolution Guidelines. His work can be found at Velocimancer Press.
  • Juliet L'mous (they) produces lesson plans, research, and indie games in equal measure. You can find Juliet’s podcasts on the Moonshot Network and their video and tabletop games at mousewifegames.itch.io.
  • Mike Balles (he/him) is a Mexican TTRPG advocate, writer, artist and game designer who works on different fronts to promote and showcase TTRPGs. He is a regular contributor on English and Spanish language podcasts and development spaces, panelling and running events through convention circles. You can find him anywhere the Latine Lounge is currently collaborating or digitally at x.com/TheMikeBalles as well as www.instagram.com/themikeballes.
  • Valis Teoh (they/he) is a Malaysian designer and artist fascinated with the mundane and fantastical, injecting everyday whimsy into whatever project they work on. They love tinkering around with communal world-building tabletop games, which was what brought Starlight to life. Find them imagining new worlds at valistarri.itch.io, or take a peek at his colourful illustrations on twitter.com/valistarri

It also features art from Valis Teoh, and the same impeccable layout as Spectres of Brocken by Vee Hendro.

About Spectres of Brocken:

Spectres of Brocken is a GM-less collaborative storytelling roleplaying game for 2-4 players about making friends and then years later going to war against them in giant mechs.

Make up some young, naive, messy trainee mech pilots. Find out who you are. Find out who you are to each other. Find out what you want in the world.

Years later, find each other on the field of battle, each in your own fearsome custom mechs. Find out who you've become. Find out what you've all done to get here. Find out what costs you would pay to get what you want in the world.

The game system is largely inspired by the No Dice, No Masters system used in Dream Askew and Dream Apart, by Avery Alder and Benjamin Rosenbaum.

Spectres of Brocken is available in full-colour PDF on itch.io, and is also available in print and PDF at Indie Press Revolution.