FALSE KINGDOM, a game of treachery and greed in the court of a doomed king - out now and free!

A gleefully mean-spirited mini-campaign about backstabbing medieval bastards from the creators of TEETH.

FALSE KINGDOM, a game of treachery and greed in the court of a doomed king - out now and free!
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The King is dead!
Long live the King!
No, not that one.
The other one!

FALSE KINGDOM is a grotesquely comic role-playing game for 3-5 players in which a group of conniving courtiers attempt to survive a bloody succession crisis in a cursed corner of 12th-century England. You can get it here, and pay what you want, or nothing at all.

It's a short standalone campaign based on the Forged in the Dark ruleset and lasts just a handful of sessions during which the characters—

  • embark on absurd and disgusting Arthurian quests
  • stab each other in the back, not always metaphorically
  • compete to be the one who narrates the tale of their proud deeds back at court
  • become the Favourite courtier and amass extravagant titles and weird rewards

—all before they likely meet a horrible end.

Each player takes on the role of a sycophantic courtier who has made the mistake of supporting a deranged pretender to the crown. This False King is a capricious and dangerous fool who is certain to die when the True King arrives with his army. And yet, until that moment, he remains the courtiers’ only lifeline and single hope of advancement in a desperate feudal world. All they can do is attempt to survive the treachery and chaos of the False King’s final days - and time their betrayal very well indeed.

FALSE KINGDOM is a 78-page zine, jam-packed with absurd quests and ghastly characters. There are 24 pre-made playbooks for some reason. These are also available as editable Google Sheets.

This sorry story comes to you from Jim Rossignol and Marsh Davies, the creators of TEETH - a fat RPG rulebook and setting, plus a handful of zines, about macabre and monstrous happenings in 18th-century England.

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