Fey Around and Find Out

Season 2 of The Heart is a Dungeon wants you to fall in love, and begins this May.

Fey Around and Find Out
This is a community submitted preess reeelease

Would you like to fall in love with a fairy?

To be honest, you probably shouldn't. Certainly, they are beautiful, like a thorn, or a well-sung song. Truly, they are powerful, like an idea, or a shift in season. They may peck your eyes out, or feed you honey cakes, all the while lighting the way, only to break your heart, or keep it.

Truly, I say unto you: avoid the second season of The Heart is a Dungeon, at all costs. Wipe from your memory that it begins this May with a cast of four; erase from your mind that they will have over ten guest players joining them. Do not be moved by the fact that they are playing Under Hollow Hills, put out by Meguey & Vincent Baker, the creator of Apocalypse World and the Powered by the Apocalypse system.

Please, heed my warnings. For if not, you may be swept away by the poetic narration of Rahrah. You may be lost to the sky with Mika playing The Witches Bird. Not even Kelly, playing The Lantern Jack, would be able to guide you home. Zoe, playing the Feathercloak, would attempt to lighten your heart, but only for Feral, playing the Weeping Gale, to erase you once again.

Stand strong with me, my mortal comrades, and resist the desire to immerse yourselves in a soundscape of this much depth and beauty. Stick to safer roads, maybe have a heist or something, I don't know. But above all, do not listen this May, when the second season of The Heart is a Dungeon, Once Happily Upon After, begins. You may never be the same.