Timeless Treasures: your next dice set could be... Ceramic?

Fighting Chance Studio is announcing a new collection of ceramic dice. Each die is glazed on all sides and durable enough for regular play. This unique material should be on every dice collector's bucket list!

Timeless Treasures: your next dice set could be... Ceramic?
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It might seem strange to consider ceramic as a material for your TTRPG accessories. However, the fact is that clay has been a staple dice material for many millennia. There are even surviving examples in museums today. Not only is ceramic archival, but it's stronger than you might think.

@claywarforge The hammering will not stop until people stop asking me if my ceramic dice are durable enough to roll. 🤣 #ttrpgtiktok #ttrpg #dnd #dndtiktok #dicetok #dice ♬ original sound - Fighting Chance Studio

Part of the charm of handmade ceramics is the slight variations and irregularities. It seems like many dice collectors, that are averse to handmade dice, are obsessed with the idea of "balanced" dice. Ceramic dice fly in the face of that, almost embracing the fact that they aren't perfect. Because up until recent history, dice weren't balanced at all. Besides, when playing a collaborative storytelling game, how important are perfectly balanced dice anyway?

Pictured are ceramic dice made with wild Pennsylvania clay, embellished with real gold.

The artist behind Fighting Chance Studio has been making glazed ceramic dice since 2020. They are a classically trained artist from Penn State University, who is absolutely obsessed with everything pen and paper.

Fighting Chance Studio is launching a new collection of ceramic dice May 20th, 2024 at 6pm EST. If you'd like to get your hands on a set, click the link below to find social media links, F.A.Q.s, and shop details.

If you're reading this after the aforementioned date, consider following on social media. Due to the handmade nature of the dice, they are only listed in limited quantities for limited times. Future restock dates are announced on the website above.