The Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG isn’t going to make anyone happy

With little to offer fans of the franchise and game design that leaves much to be desired, this game is an irredeemable disappointment.

The Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG isn’t going to make anyone happy
Credit: Square Enix

When I first opened up the slim, nondescript white box that contained the Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG, I couldn’t help myself. I immediately put the game on a cluttered corner of my desk and aimed my shitty phone camera down, snapping a pic and uploading it to Twitter with an exuberant post before I had even taken the game out of the cellophane. Maybe I should have waited. Maybe I shouldn’t tweet my blogs. Or maybe the immediate humiliation of having to tweet “oh no” less than three hours later is humbling enough. Gamers, I am so sorry, but this game sucks. 

‘Linda!’ You’ll say, annoyed, ‘you haven’t played this game, you can’t say that for sure!’ 

I want to assure you, I have played this game. The Final Fantasy XIV TTRPGadvertised as an original game—is simply D&D  fourth edition-inspired tactical combat with minis using the fifth edition SRD, but made far, far less interesting, creating a system that messily merges MMO game loops with reductive social moves. The sheer unplayability would be impressive if it weren’t so easy to make a bad game out of a mediocre one.