Goblin up in Slav Borg, a post-Soviet, semi-fantasy role-playing game

The only way to deal with the bandits and thieves around you is to become one. Slav Borg, a post-Soviet, semi-fantasy role-playing game gives that opportunity with the booming sound of engines as a backdrop.

Goblin up in Slav Borg, a post-Soviet, semi-fantasy role-playing game
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There are a lot of career paths in the realm of Zgol and most of them include some form of crime. Maybe users of the low-level magic, Charlatans, could say that they don’t indulge in a bandit lifestyle, but they are too neck-deep in the conspiracy theories to count as a beacon of morality. You will steal, you will smuggle, you will scam. Just to get by, to get some nasty thug off your back, or to build the vast empire that satisfies your ambition.

Slav Borg provides a unique setting, inspired by the bandit borderlands of Poland, Germany, and Czechia in the wild 90’s and 00’s. Smugglers and thieves called Yoomaks are running free, scams are getting out of hand, and the regular greenskins suffer from the mysterious curse cast down by the Necromancer. 

Players will form a Crew and try to carve their little corner of profit. They will explore the dungeon-like concrete blocks of flats, get involved in smuggling operations, and stock the garage with the sweetest Wheels that Zgol had ever seen. 

The heart of Slav Borg is street races. The biggest chapter in the rulebook is dedicated to vehicular mayhem and everything around it - mostly stealing, tuning, upgrading, and customizing the rides. You will also find a race generator and original, dynamic, and involving racing mechanics that can easily replace regular combat.   

Six playable classes (Street Fighter, Tinkerer, Yoomak, Smuggler, Coiner, Charlatan), infinite possibilities for adventures thanks to the abundance of narrative hooks and random tables, and even a roguelike mode for snappy and streamlined experiences. Slav Borg uses the Mörk Borg ruleset but it’s much more than a simple hack. It’s a unique, elaborate game, a mixture of fantasy tropes with Y2K aesthetics, all in a fully-colored book, 180 pages inspired by Medieval illuminated manuscripts and illustrated by three amazing artists. 

You can order it HERE and start your adventures in the realm of Zgol. Join our Discord server to chat about goblins! Revving engines are the sweetest melodies played around there!