How To GM Romance

Let’s help you get in those saucy moments before the TPK.

How To GM Romance
Our beautiful cover art by ADRIEN/NE VALDES
This is a community submitted press release.

We get it. Romance is difficult to GM.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or professional GM, you may have received a request to roleplay some romance at your table. Maybe you weren’t comfortable with it because you didn’t want to come across as “weird” or felt as though you couldn’t match someone’s expectations. Short of hiring Regé-Jean Page to cover for you, we have the next best thing.

Like all skills such as voice acting, setting a horror scene, or rules mastery - guiding romantic scenes as a game master is something that requires practice. If you want to be effective faster? Get yourself a guidebook.

What is How To GM Romance?

A guidebook for making romance in tabletop games accessible, fun, and easy for everyone at the table. A roleplaying game supplement that simplifies romance for game masters with actionable advice and useful tools. This book is for you whether you’re brand new to romantic storytelling or seeking more inspiration to run in any system, campaign, or game. This book is system-less and will work with D&D, Pathfinder, any PBTA - any game at all.

We provide a structured way to approach romance to help a GM run a comfortable, safe, and satisfying game with these elements.

Two romantics sitting by the lake with one kissing the other on the head.
Beautiful art by Léan (@kyotosparty)

What is in it?

  • How-to advice essays from some of the top game masters and designers in the industry.
  • Additional scenarios, descriptions, and NPCs to include in your games.
  • Mechanical tools for including romance in your games, systems for:
    • Romance Tracking
    • Dating
    • Serenades
    • Intimacy
    • Disputes

What are the pledge levels?

Our pledge tiers will be as follows:

  • $25 PDF
  • $45 Hardcover + PDF (backer)
  • $65 Hardcover + PDF + Physical Safety Tool Box (backer only) 
  • $100 Hardcover + PDF + Physical Safety Tool Box (backer only) + Love Letters (backer only)

Why pledge to the campaign?

It’s no surprise that big publishing companies will always push mainstream products. Independent publishers like Metal Weave Games need the support of the community to create unique supplements and materials that enhance your game beyond the generic. We humbly thank all of our supporters for allowing us to create art!

Our Backer Kit campaign goes live July 11th, sign up here to be notified at launch. Backers in the first 24 hours receive a special gift!

Get Ready for How to GM Romance
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