Introducing B.O.A. - Where You Play Snakes on a Secret Mission

A new rules-light TTRPG inspired by Honey Heist and Raccoon Sky Pirates.

Introducing B.O.A. - Where You Play Snakes on a Secret Mission
The debut indie game by award-winning author Brandon Crilly
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Remain unseen. Accomplish the mission. Promote snake advocacy.

Released as part of Pocket Quest 2024, B.O.A. launches players into a world where a secret agency of snakes solves problems for unsuspecting humans. From a lost engagement ring to stolen nuclear launch codes, the Bureau of Agents can handle it all – without getting caught.

Inspired by games like Honey Heist or Raccoon Sky Pirates, B.O.A. is meant for a group of 4-6 players, plus a GM.

Players create their Operative by selecting from:

  • 6 unique Breeds of snake, each with their own special ability
  • 7 wacky Gadgets, from the "Ghost Shed" to the "Isopods in a Box"
  • A codename and "morph" with helpful tables for inspiration
A snake rooting through a drawer marked "top secret"
All art for B.O.A. by Kat Weaver

On a mission, Operatives rely on Moves based on real-world snake abilities and their teamwork and craftiness to accomplish their goals. No hit points or stress points - we don't want snakes getting hurt! Instead, the party has a pool of Spy Points that mark their mission's success. Failing a Move badly costs a Spy Point, and when the party runs out, that means the mission's over and the Operatives must retreat back to their secret headquarters, The Den.

A cobra with dazzling eyes
The Monarch, whose specialty is mesmerizing humans

B.O.A. is a rules-light, easily accessible game for players of all ages. Gamemastering tools include mission tables and a full sample mission: "Tony's Anniversary Gift." Play as a one-shot or use the included suggestions on how to expand B.O.A. into a longer campaign!

Written by award-winning fantasy author and games writer Brandon Crilly, whose work has appeared with The Story Engine, Fat Goblin Games, We Are Legion and more.