Introducing Dicey Banter!

A brand-new, fresh and fun TTRPG talk show!

Introducing Dicey Banter!
A brand new TTRPG Talkshow hosted by Valiant Dorian! Logo art by Max Daisy.
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Dicey Banter is a new TTRPG Talkshow hosted by Valiant Dorian as he chats with all the makers and shakers within the tabletop space while having fun & meaningful conversations! Descended from a previous interview format: Designer Spotlight, where Valiant Dorian interviewed indie TTRPG designers to uplift their work. He wanted to continue spotlighting and uplifting TTRPG Creators but expanding beyond game design to include Actual Play performance, production, art & design, and MORE! 

"I thought to myself, why stop at game designers? I want to learn more about AP production, layout design, and the artistry behind the best AP performances in the space! I want to talk to EVERYONE!"

The show premiered on April 22nd (Happy Birthday Val!) with an interview with the founders of Weave Storytelling Games, Poorna M and Armaan. They explored their new game Love is On The Cards, game design and how to support non-western TTRPG creators within the industry.

Pictured is a screenshot of the Dicey Banter interview of Weave Storytelling featuring Poorna and Armaan.
Uplifting creators with all smiles!

Dicey Banter's next guest may be a very familiar face: Rascal News’ very own Rowan Zeoli! This episode will air on April 29th at 7 pm ET, as Rowan & Valiant talk about all things TTRPG journalism, why it matters and the future of the medium. You do NOT want to miss this! 

Tune in for Dicey Banter every Monday at 7 pm ET on Valiant Dorian’s Twitch channel with the episodes available on YouTube on demand after the livestream. You can keep up-to-date with Dicey Banter news by following Valiant Dorian on Twitter & TikTok. If you’d like to support Dicey Banter, consider joining our Patreon

If you are a TTRPG Creator, Valiant would love to chat with YOU! Apply online here to be featured on Dicey Banter! 

Who is Valiant Dorian?

Valiant Dorian is a desi, transmasc TTRPG Actual Play Performer, Streamer, Talkshow Host & Game Designer. He specializes in stories exploring the duality of love & grief, wrath & justice and divinity & monstrosity. You can catch him on Saturdays on TransplanarRPG where he plays the misbeloved, doomed twin brother of the Chosen One, and Mondays where he hosts Dicey Banter!