It's new games day in Aotearoa!

A pick-and-mix assortment of new games from Aotearoa New Zealand

It's new games day in Aotearoa!
Kēmu Whakatau O Aotearoa | KiwiRPG is an association of game creatives from New Zealand
This is a community submitted press release.

It's an exciting time down under! KiwiRPG week is rolling on here in Aotearoa, and our game creatives are celebrating with special bundles, a game jam, a KiwiRPG podcast launch, and a sequence of special live stream games.

A highlight of the week is new game day, Wednesday the 26th June! Kiwi game designers have dropped a beaut selection of new game releases, with OSR games, Monster of the Week adventures, and new unique game designs to share (plus a 5E kickstarter to round us off). We reckon this mixture will have something for everyone!

Let's do a quick tiki tour through the offerings:

Body Swap by the Big Top - a Monster of the Week mystery. Everyone loves that body swapping episode from their favourite TV show and now your hunters can experience it first-hand!

Brawl of the Odd - system-agnostic fight club and PVP arena, especially suited to OSR games like Into the Odd, but compatible with any system.

Fight or Fright - a Halloween game! Play trick-or-treating kids with magical costumes, meet scary possessed decorations, and seek out candy! The development of this game was documented on the wonderful podcast Wait Roll That Again, and now it's out in the world for everyone to play!

For the Grail by Sam Robson- A Descended From the Queen game in which players explore the relationships, struggles and triumphs of a group of Arthurian knights on a grand quest.

Gaspunk by S. Murphy - Gaspunk is an irreverent rules light post-apocalyptic game set in a terrible, inhospitable wasteland (australia). New revised version! 

And the first ever adventure for Gaspunk: Drytongue Valley and the Bunker of Orbital Fortune - a hexcrawl in a desert that will kill you. Enough content to fill a short campaign! Three dungeons! Loads of nasty beasties! Stay hydrated, if you can!

Paranormal Wellington: Optimal Edition by Morgan Davie - a revised and updated version of the spooky silly Kiwi classic Paranormal Wellington. You and your partners look into supernatural happenings while being recorded for a curious audience. Bumble through! Keep the audience informed! Careful now, don’t get puffed!

The Creature from the Black Drain - a mystery for Monster of the Week, by Malcolm Harbrow, set in Aotearoa New Zealand. The Cook Paper Mill at Awapiko has been spewing pollution into the air and water for seventy years, dumping its industrial waste into local lakes and rivers, contaminating the water table and turning the Waiwhiti River into a caustic and lifeless “black drain”. Now, that sin has come back to haunt it. A creature has emerged from the river, spawned by decades of pollution and poison, on a mission of destruction...  

the farmer and the bog body by takataapui/Riwhi Kenny - (Part of the KiwiRPG itch bundle!A two player game about a tender conversation between a farmer and a bog body. Players trade 7 questions back and forth, with each question asked leading down a different branching conversational path.

And of course, a crowdfunding taste of D&D as promised:

The Spirits of Wyvernfall is live and funded on Kickstarter now! A mystery for 5e by Kelly Whyte. Step into the usually sleepy town of Wyvernfall, where rumours of an undead menace have the townsfolk on the edge of panic. Uncover ancient mysteries, forgotten pasts, modern subterfuge, and many more secrets and surprises. 

Every one of these KiwiRPG creative projects benefits from the mutual support and keen insights of our creative community. KiwiRPG was created as a way to lift each other up, make everyone's work better, and sing with a shared voice so we can be better heard across the oceans. We hope everyone enjoys exploring this year's new releases from Aotearoa!