Krataris Origins begins beta testing a new system live tonight!

Big Adventure Game's official actual play is here!

Krataris Origins begins beta testing a new system live tonight!
The flaming green skull seems like ominous foreshadowing for something, right?
This is a community submitted press release.

Spellbook Gaming invites you to join them on a different kind of actual play journey, one that could be felt for years to come. What makes Krataris Origins special is that the GM is also the designer of the TTRPG system we're using, the AP is a live beta test of that system, and the campaign is a major event in the setting's canon lore. Basically, the setting guide is currently written up to a certain year, whatever happens on the show will genuinely happen in canon (monarchs get overthrown, wars get started, whatever), and then the V1.0 version of the book will be set a few years later. Even we don't know what the fallout of the campaign will look like! It's also an opportunity to look behind the scenes at the process of designing and testing a TTRPG.

If you're reading this article right when it drops (July 8th), then the stream is LIVE on YouTube in just a few hours at 7:30 PM EST. That's 4:30 PM on the west coast, and 12:30 AM on the 9th in the UK. If that time is inconvenient for you or, if you're reading this from tomorrow, don't worry, the stream will become available as a normal video immediately after it ends. If you want to learn more while you wait, you can also find our session 0 video, and a little teaser trailer for the show on YouTube already.

A screenshot showing off the stream's graphics. 6 people in a window, with text below them clarifying their identities.
A screenshot from our session 0, which is already on YouTube!

Krataris Origins will tell the story of five heroic people from different walks of life, who are thrust into an unexpected conflict that could affect the balance of power in the world of Krataris for centuries to come. The human nation of Ibor was once an empire that spanned the whole continent. In that time of imperial tyranny, the Iborians made their faith the only legal one, now known simply as The Clergy. In the year 500, a mysterious blood moon rose, and monsters and magic came into the world. While the empire fell, their religion remained, establishing an inquisition that promised to keep the citizens safe from dragons, giants, demons, and of course, witches. Human mages are forced to live out their youth in walled-off schools run by the inquisition, and must then spend their whole life under the watchful eyes of The Clergy. Mages who escape the cities or are caught using magic for any "unsanctioned" reasons are labeled witches, and declared outlaws and heretics. Krataris is a delicate and violent place, barely holding together, and the party will be there to try to keep it from falling apart again.

The system we're using is called Big Adventure Game. It's a modern, class-less take on the traditional d20 fantasy genre that Alex started writing after the OGL incident (shoutout to Lin). It has a very high degree of PC customization, while also having a tighter power band that should in theory be easier on GMs than most similar games. And like a million other little differences. The beta version is FREE, and you can find the game books and way more info on our website.

Consider also following the cast, they're all pretty cool:
GM: Alex V:

We'll see you tonight!