Last Train to Bremen pits players against each other — and the Devil

A push-your-luck game of doomed musicians and poor decisions

Last Train to Bremen pits players against each other — and the Devil
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You know the way these stories go: thirteen years ago, four struggling musicians made a deal with the Devil. What were they chasing? Fame, riches, adoration. Your classic Devil fare.

What happened next? Well, you know the way these stories go: the damned fools got it in their head to try and outrun their end of the bargain.

See, the Devil is coming to collect his due, and he doesn’t take kindly to those who can’t cough up. Which brings this story to the four of us here, now, huddled in the back of a freight car on a train hurtling to the one place the Devil will never catch us. One final, desperate shot at immortality.

And if we’re lucky? By the end of the night, one of us will still be left alive to tell the tale.

Over the course of a few short hours, Last Train to Bremen invites players to tell the tale of a band fleeing from a deal with the Devil gone horribly wrong. Establish relationships with your bandmates and saddle them with baggage. Then, leap into the pressure cooker as you flee your cursed contract, and reflect together on all the choices you made that led you down this sorry path.

Will you outrun the Devil? Or will your messy history drag you under?

Created by designer Caro Asercion (i’m sorry did you say street magic, Exquisite Biome) with illustrations by Conner Fawcett (Lancer, Wanderhome, World Ending Game), Last Train uses snappy rules based on Liar’s Dice and other push-your-luck dice games to deliver theatrical, high stakes drama with explosive consequences. As players’ dice pools quickly dwindle, the tension ratchets up, boiling over into secrets, backstabbing, and betrayal.

A GM-less game for four players exactly, Last Train is a self-contained one shot perfect for fans of Fiasco, Dread, Kentucky Route Zero, or Fleetwood Mac — or anyone with a morbid fascination for toxic band breakups.

Last Train to Bremen: A Tragedy for a Doomed Quartet is now available for digital purchase on