Lessons in Grief: Bloom&Blight, A Girl by Moonlight Podcast, Returns from Mid-season Hiatus

After securing victory against their nemesis at a devastating cost, the strained team of magical girls finds themselves drawn back together as whispers of evil begin again.

Lessons in Grief: Bloom&Blight, A Girl by Moonlight Podcast, Returns from Mid-season Hiatus
Official character art by @akinomii_art. Characters from Left to right: Daffodil, Larkspur, Lily, Belladonna, and Wolfsbane.
This is a community submitted press release.

Larkspur, Belladonna, Daffodil, and Wolfsbane are back for the second half of season 1! 

Bloom&Blight is a queer and trans led Girl by Moonlight actual play podcast following the titular team Bloom. After their leader, Lily, sacrificed herself for the greater good, the fractured team found themselves forced to piece themselves back together. What is hope in the face of loss? How do you process your own grief when the world expects you to be a hero?

With Taylor in the GM seat, the first 11 episodes of Season 1 saw the team reunite as whispers of the evil they thought was vanquished began again. Arguments, heartache, and the weight of responsibility plagues Bloom as a new magical girl team, Blight, makes their appearance in Oliva Bay. In addition, this year’s three part Holiday Special, GMed by the amazing Lexi (@blackgirlmage), gave us a glimpse of the team 6 months before the events of the show.

Defined by tight editing and a full soundscape, Bloom&Blight tells its story through short, easily approachable episodes. If you haven’t listened to the show yet, it’s a wonderful time to catch up! 

Find Bloom&Blight on all major podcast platforms with new episodes biweekly on Thursdays. For updates, follow Bloom&Blight on social media, or check out the official website for character and cast information, transcripts, and a link to the community discord server!

We hope you visit Oliva Bay soon!