Lethe: A TTRPG about choosing how we define ourselves

As you rediscover your past, how much will you let it affect your future?

Lethe: A TTRPG about choosing how we define ourselves
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It's not so much a sound as it is a pressure. Low and constant, shaking away anything else that might challenge it for your attention. And then, all too quickly, it recedes from your ears, leaving you to feel the gentle waves splashing against you on some kind of shore. Questions start to race through your mind. Is this a forest? Where are you? WHO are you? Who are the others you see pulling themselves out of the water and why is this place so bright without any sun?

This is how players start their journey in Lethe. It's also most of what they will know about their characters before starting…

Lethe (pronounced “liːθi:” or “Lee-Thee”) is a TTRPG for 1-6 players and 1 GM where players are a group of individuals in an odd and dreamlike world. They wake up on the shore of a river knowing only their name and are tasked with finding who they used to be and how much of that person they want to be going forward.

A mock-up of the physical version of Lethe

Unlike traditional TTRPGs, characters in Lethe are not created by the players, but by the GM. The players will decide the character's name and what they look like, while the GM creates the character's backstories as well as their stats, skills, and abilities. To help make sure the characters are in line with what the players would like to play, the GM uses a survey to get the "vibes" of how the player will be playing the character. The players then need to learn what their character can do by playing and trying different actions.

As players begin to regain their memories, they not only learn who they used to be, but must also must make the choice if these are memories that reinforce who they are now or if they will reject them. This changes how the character grows and progresses in the game.

Now that the game is funded, there are stretch goals that are helping to fill out a secondary book with additional settings for the game (such as a cyberpunk world, a Fae realm, and a post-apocalyptic setting inspired by The Matrix) by a number of very talented and skilled guest writers. The campaign has already reached funding for one setting and a prewritten adventure with the possibility of further additions ahead.