Life, the Universe and Everything

Three mini-TTRPGs currently crowdfunding, with a focus on positivity and experimentation!

Life, the Universe and Everything
This is a community submitted press release.

3 games about life is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, featuring:
· an entire life in seven scenes;
· two witches meeting again after years apart;
· the whole of time and space within a game.
Not too bad for three mini-games!

After writing long-form games such as Broken Cities or Meanwhile, in the Subway, Côme Martin wanted to go back to his beginnings, when he was releasing one mini-TTRPG every month… Hence this collection, bringing the cream of the crop in print form for the first time, with a new design and revised rules!

3 games about life is a collection of 3 diceless, GMless one-page TTRPGs about the passing of time, the addition of small details making up a life, and a focus on what keeps us going through bitter times.

· In Here / Now, players explore the same place at different moments in its history, the same moment as it unfolds all around the planet, or a combination of both.
· In The 7th Rainbow, players explore the whole life of a single protagonist in six summer scenes and an epilogue.
· In She Traveled, You Stayed / She Stayed, You Traveled, two players explore the relationship between two urban witches as they meet again after 30 years apart.

The three games will be available both in digital and print formats, with a scheduled release window of May 2024. They are already fully written, laid out and illustrated. 
They will all be about two A4 pages long, with different layout and folding methods (instructions will be provided for the digital versions!), and with the following mechanics:

· Here / Now is played with index cards which list the different moments and/or places players will wander through during the game, as well as tokens to make sure everyone has an equal place around the table.
· The 7th Rainbow is mostly made of freeform narration: in each scene, players agree on a theme, divide the roles among themselves (the protagonist, secondary characters, the setting) and improvise what happens.
· She Traveled, You Stayed / She Stayed, You Traveled is a 2-player game; it features tables to create the two witches about to meet which will help players recreate a real-time conversation of two estranged friends.

Backers will also be able to purchase a printed or digital copy of any of Côme Martin's previous games: Green Dawn Mall, Two Summers, Meanwhile, in the Subway, Feathered Adventures or Broken Cities.

3 games about life is crowdfunding on Kickstarter until Feb. 29th—go pledge it now!