Don your masks; Little Wolves is crowdfunding now!

Little Wolves is a tabletop role-playing game about adventuring through a realm of folk & fae as shapeshifting werewolves.

Don your masks; Little Wolves is crowdfunding now!
Enter a realm of folk-tales, fae queens, and werewolves in this new game from Dinoberry Press
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From the award-winning publisher behind Motel Spooky-Nine, You’re In Space And Everything’s Fucked, Dinocar and more, Little Wolves is a tabletop role-playing game about adventuring through a realm of folk & fae as shapeshifting werewolves.

In Little Wolves, you’ll craft real-world paper masks that represent their characters, modifying them over the course of their adventures to reflect the marks their experiences leave on them while transforming between your Wolf and Mortal forms!

The crowdfunding campaign aims to bring the game’s vivid world to life in an 8.5” x 8.5” full-color perfect bound book loaded with gorgeous art from a team of 4 artists accompanying setting & mechanics from award-winning designers Julie-Anne Muñoz and Nevyn Holmes. 

The crowdfunding campaign launches May 14th, running through June 11th, 12pm US Central with an initial funding goal of $19,500 USD with plenty of stretch goals to unlock for more art, more content, and even an expansion!

Cover by JN Butler

Making masks & shifting forms

As werewolves, you can your form between werewolf and mortal shapes represented by the masks you craft, wear, and alter through play. As you overcome trials and gain favor with the queens of the forest, new marks are added to these masks - altering your character's appearance as they grow and change.

In your Wolf form, you have access to the benefits of your beastly Attributes, can sing magical Spellsongs, and can resist harm with your Resolve.

In your Mortal form, you'll switch your Attributes, Spellsongs, and Resolve out for strong, flexible Mortal Powers that can turn the tide of any situation they're used in.

Through character advancement, you can strengthen yourself as you see fit. Perhaps you favor one form over the other, or you may switch between them frequently. The choice is yours.

The Enchanted Forest

The story of Little Wolves is focused on The Enchanted Forest and the folk-lings that live within. It is a vast world filled to the brim with all manner of fae-born creatures and folktales come to life, even some you may have heard of... although they're not quite what the old myths say.

A mockup of The Enchanted Forest map spread. Art and Layout by Jam.

As you explore this dense forest you'll meet the powerful and mysterious Queens and aid them, and their courts, through all manner of quests and favors. As a werewolf, you're uniquely gifted in traversing the forest, capable of making it to every edge of the woods, meaning that only you can learn its deepest secrets.

And so much more!

Dinoberry Press has loads in store for Little Wolves, but it all relies on the campaign funding. To learn more about the pledge levels, add-ons, and what's lined up for stretch goals, head to the crowdfunding page and show your support!

Every add-on available; dice, a map, art prints, stickers, and more!