Art, Punk, and Rebellion - Magnolia: City of Marvels

🎨 A system-agnostic setting where art takes central place

Art, Punk, and Rebellion - Magnolia: City of Marvels
WIP Art by Laura Galli
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In the City of Marvels ruled by the noble, conservationists art can be found at every corner filling it with bright colors. While multiple rivalries and schemes surround the noble families, a revolution in art is arising. Gangs have formed up, willing to change forever the meaning of art and what it really is about. A setting of Art, Punk, and Rebellion. Pick a side, and change Magnolia’s history forever.

Magnolia: City of Marvels - Setting of Art, Punk, and Rebellion is a system-agnostic micro setting set in a fantasy world city. A revolution in art is going on in the city where art takes central place. A government in which the nobles are the ones who set the laws and control the guards means conservatism in art remains in power. But the arrival of the Purple Dragons, a new punk gang looking to liberate the meaning of art with new modern fashion styles, graffiti art, and more, might change all forever.

Collaborative Project

Magnolia: City of Marvels is a collaborative project with participants from multiple locations, most of them PoC. This allows Magnolia to feel more like a touristic city in the sense that everyone will pour part of their culture into the setting to make it feel more diverse, unique, and changed by immigrants and tourism. 

The team includes:

🎨 Artists

  • Abby Ihlenfeld
  • Laura Galli

📝 Editor

  • Lady Azulina

✍ Writing and Design

  • Jaime Reyes Mondragón
  • Kat Kruger
  • Scott Bullock
  • Taylor Navarro
  • Tomas Gimenez Rioja


  • Descriptions of all factions at play, indicating their alliances and rivalries, be it amongst the nobles, the gangs, or the neutral factions.
  •  A colorful description of what the city of Magnolia is all about, and what can be found amongst its districts.
  • A colorful book and/or PDF to go along with the theme of the setting, written as if it were from one of the city inhabitants.
  • At least two adventure hooks per page, making this an incredible font of ideas for GMs to run campaigns within the city, no matter the system.
  • Bard and Fighter Subclasses for One D&D.
  • One D&D subclasses, magic items, and other player character content for your game of choice.
  • 5 Adventure Concepts: Ideas for entire campaigns within the setting from beginning to end.
  • Writing, editing, and art by a mostly PoC team of talented creators.


If you want to learn more about the setting and what is to be expected from it, you can download a FREE sample [HERE]


Kat Kruger and Tomas Gimenez Rioja will be hosting a Q&A stream for anyone to ask any question they have about the product on Twitch. This will air on Thursday, June 20th (1PM PST / 4PM EST) and you can check it out on any of the Twitch channels:

🦄 Kat Kruger's channel
😈 Tomas Gimenez Rioja's channel

Magnolia: City of Marvels stream, on Thursday 20th 11PM PST, 4PM EST. Photos of Tomas Gimenez Rioja and Kat Kruger appear on the top right
The KS Campaign launches on June 27th
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