Make Downtime Fun with a Collection of 50 D&D Mini-Games

Deviate from the rote of typical combat and social encounters with fun minigames and challenges that help enhance your gaming experience.

Make Downtime Fun with a Collection of 50 D&D Mini-Games
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Crafting unique encounters and out-of-combat gameplay can be an absolute struggle as a Game Master. Between slaying monsters and delving deep into dangerous dungeons, both characters and players need respite and an ease of transition from one daring adventure to the next. Preparing for downtime sessions, or festival activities, can be laborious as hours are spent brainstorming exactly how to run them.

Let the Games Begin is a compendium of 50 fun & engaging mini-games and challenges, designed to be easily incorporated into dnd5e adventures. Whether they be low-stakes quirky fun in a tavern, or epic legend-defining tournament challenges, providing players with intriguing gameplay can inspire incredible character moments and enhance the overall flow of the game.

The collection of games has been divided into 5 different categories:

  • 10 Rambunctious Goblin Games
  • 10 Hearty Tavern Games
  • 10 High-Stakes Dice Games
  • 10 Lively Street Games
  • 10 Epic Tournament Games

Fantasy worlds contain a vast variety of different cultures and customs for your players to explore. Therefore, Let The Games Begins offers a range of games that span different genres, themes and challenges. Each entry has been designed with a detailed Overview that provides the basic concept of the game as well as any interesting lore that the world-builder can expand upon. This is accompanied by a thorough instruction of each game's Mechanics.

A Preview of one of the Tavern Games

Created by Ava's Adventures, the project promises that all of the artwork and designs contained inside this book have been lovingly created by talented artists. NO art or text in this project was generated using AI at any stage of creation. 

This book of mini-games is currently live on Kickstarter and has successfully reached its funding goal! The campaign will end on Friday the 5th of July, so there's still time to grab a digital or softcover copy, as well as exciting stretch goals yet to be unleashed. Check out the preview games and discover why over 100 backers have supported Let the Games Begin!